Molly-Mae talks false lashes, horror films and the fragrance she’d recognise anywhere

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  • Plus, what she's been up to since leaving the Love Island villa...

    Welcome to Beauty Bytes: a place where I chat to celebrities about all things beauty – from their favourite products, to their biggest beauty disasters. Plus I grill them on everything from their social media habits to their all-time favourite meals. You know, all the important and essential things that we need to know about.

    One of the favourites from this year’s Love Island villa, YouTuber Molly-Mae Hague has had a slightly busy year. Having launched her Molly-Mae x Pretty Little Thing collection a couple of months ago, she’s now partnered with Tatti Lashes for her very own beauty launch. So we thought it was the perfect time to sit down and chatted all things make-up, kid comfort foods and what she’s been up to since leaving the villa.

    Molly Mae Beauty Bytes

    Molly-Mae wearing the daytime lash from her Tatti Lashes collaboration

    LA: What’s the worst beauty trend that you have ever attempted?

    MMH: The worst beauty trend? Oh gosh, I have attempted many and failed. I’ve done many hairstyles that I’ve tried to get looking cute and they just don’t work for me. I tried those faux freckles one time and it literally looked like a black marker had gone everywhere. I think it’s all about trial and error; you’re never going to get anything perfect the first time, and I think it’s really important that you try different things to see what works for you.

    LA: Sometimes you just nail it and other times not.

    MMH: Other times it takes a few more practices, but you’ve got to try [new] things out sometimes.

    LA: Best beauty advice that you have ever been given?

    MMH: Sometimes less is more. It’s definitely the advice that I would give to a future daughter of mine! With me, I love natural make-up and I think this collection really represents that with the lashes. I think you can get a bit carried away adding too much make-up and sometimes it’s a little bit much. I think it’s good to strip it back and have things a little bit more natural sometimes.

    LA: Yes, talking of ‘less is more’ – I really like that you’ve got the daytime lashes that are much softer.

    MMH: I’ve got them on right now! I’m literally obsessed with them. I was always someone that used to wear lashes every day, but I stopped because I couldn’t find that lash that was perfect for the daytime. I found the more natural ones looked a little bit plastic-y. That’s why this collection is perfect, for ages now I’ve been designing this perfect everyday lash that is exactly what I feel is needed for a daytime look.

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    Molly-Mae Beauty Bytes

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    LA: Really nice. I think some people still think, when they hear ‘false lashes’, that it just means one humongous, spidery lash.

    MMH: Yeah, one hundred per cent. I think it’s a really current thing at the moment; natural make-up is back in and I feel people are really steering away from that heavy, caked look and going down more of a natural route. Even the night lashes, for me they’re not too heavy, perfect for an evening. I personally don’t think you need to go any heavier than this.

    LA: So tell me a bit more about the campaign, you say you’ve been working on it for a while now.

    MMH: Pretty much since I came out of the villa, we’ve been working on Tatti to make sure it’s literally perfect. That’s really important for me, that I’m making sure it’s exactly what I would actually use myself before I sell it and promote it to people. I’ve been using Tatti Lashes for absolutely ages now. I used them on my YouTube channel and stuff before I went in the villa, so it’s really great that it’s a brand that I’ve used and bought from before.

    LA: That’s so nice!

    MMH: It’s a really, really good partnership as well because as I said, the current trend is more natural make-up. Tatti really wanted to explore that, because obviously they’re known for being super glam, [but] for me it’s more about that natural look, which I think is really represented through the lashes.

    LA: Best beauty product recommendation that you have ever received?

    MMH: My friend, who is also an influencer, she introduced me to this Hourglass bronzer. This was like three years ago now and it has literally never left my make-up bag. It’s my holy grail product. If anyone says to me ‘what’s your favourite make-up product?’, it’s that. It’s not too dark or anything, it just makes your skin look flawless. I’m all about that natural kind of glow from within look.

    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer, £45, Space NK

    Molly-Mae Beauty Bytes

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    LA: Their stuff is a very ‘lit from within’ kind of vibe.

    MMH: One hundred per cent. It’s very pricey but it’s a nice gift, or if you want to treat yourself to a nice expensive make-up product, Hourglass is a really incredible brand.

    LA: Yeah it’s really nice. What is in your make-up bag right now?

    MMH: Oh, you don’t want to look in my make-up bag right now. I’m still using my Love Island make-up bag with my name on it!

    LA: Do you know what I think, I’m not surprised you haven’t had chance to properly unpack.

    MMH: No, I know.

    LA: I have stuff from uni that I haven’t even unpacked, so fair enough.

    MMH: Literally! It’s all over the place, in my make-up bag there’s foundation spilt everywhere, ear buds that I’ve probably used, dental floss, toothbrush, all over the place. But I really take pride in the make-up I buy, I love to try new make-up. When I have a make-up artist do my make-up I always ask what they’re using, and whatever I think looks good on my face, I’ll go out and buy. But I mean, my life is a bit chaotic at the moment so my make-up bag kind of represents that!

    LA: Yeah, it’s a reflection of your life right now. Let’s say your house is on fire – all of the important stuff is safe – what one make-up product would you grab?

    MMH: I’ve been loving the NARS radiance foundation, it’s so full coverage it looks like cement on you face, which for a night out is great. Daytime, no, but night out I think it’s the perfect foundation.

    LA: They do really great long-wearing products.

    MMH: Yeah, when you put it on it’s like ‘where has my face gone?’ It’s so full coverage, but I think for a night out it’s nice to go a bit more glam.

    NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, £35, Fabled

    Molly-Mae Hague

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    LA: You want something that has got that longevity for a night out, don’t you?

    MMH: Yeah, exactly.

    LA: Best make-up tip that a pro make-up artist has given you?

    MMH: Winging out my eyeshadow. Whenever I go to a make-up artist I want to have that cat eye that kind of pulls up – which most of us don’t naturally have! So they teach me how to do eyeshadow that creates that cat eye, more dragged up than down look. I’m constantly taking advice from make-up artists, I have incredible people doing my make-up so I’m always asking the questions, ‘what are you doing?’, ‘what are you putting on my face?

    LA: Always take advantage. How do you take care of your skin? Do you have a day and nighttime routine?

    MMH: Do you know what, I actually fell asleep in my make-up last night, so that’s not a very good representation…

    LA: That’s a sign of a good night out.

    MMH: No, I didn’t even drink or anything, I actually got back and forgot make-up wipes and was like, ‘oh my god this is a bad, bad, bad time.’ Because I’m normally really good with stuff like that, my skincare is normally quite on point.

    LA: So, normally…

    MMH: Normally I’m quite good, I use Pixi products. I don’t do too much, I don’t go too heavy on my skincare. I’m quite blessed to have naturally ‘OK’ skin, it’s not really problematic, but it’s really important to do a good skincare regime. You have only got one face and one skin, so it’s important that you look after it. I stopped using sun beds completely about a year ago because it’s just bad. You want to make sure that your skin lasts forever!

    LA: Do you have a favourite skincare product? Is there anything that you really enjoy using?

    MMH: Yeah it’s by Pixi, Glow Tonic, I put that on all the time, it’s really nice. When I’m not wearing make-up in the daytime I’ll put a bit of that on and I feel like my skin looks really fresh.

    LA: It really refreshes things, it’s a nice one. Top three beauty brands? I feel like one of them might be in this room…

    MMH: Yeah Tatti, obviously number one… Hourglass, and I also use a lot of MAC.

    LA: Classic. How do you look after your hair? It’s very shiny.

    MMH: My hair is my pride and joy! I’m very blessed, obviously collaborating with Beauty Works they are constantly helping me out and provide me with fresh extensions and colour. But my own hair care, I wash it regularly as I think that’s quite important. I think when you let your hair get overly greasy, especially if you’ve got extensions, it can damage your hair and they slide out. I make sure I apply heat protector too, always on top of my hair.

    LA: How often do you work out? Do you have a favourite way of exercising?

    MMH: Oh god, don’t ask me that question. It’s funny because I used to work in a gym and wanted to be a fitness instructor, and before I went in the villa I was starting to take spin classes. I was really, really into it. Then since coming out, I’ve lost my love for it a little bit because I’ve been so busy. I feel like my favourite meal, well not my favourite, but my only meal right now is petrol station food. I’m constantly on-the-go, so a WHSmith meal deal is my best friend. Tommy [Fury] and I go to the gym together, but the other morning I woke up at 7 o’clock and I was like this is just not for me. Not for me. I felt sick on the treadmill thinking, ‘I can’t do it’.

    LA: I wish I could work out in the morning, but I just want a toastie, really.

    MMH: Do you know what, I’m so excited for things to calm down a little bit and to get into a health and fitness routine. I have been having porridge for breakfast, which is an improvement on French toast…

    LA: What does your WHSmith meal deal look like?

    MMH: Oh god, I have the tastebuds of a four-year-old. I literally like chicken nuggets and chips. I’m pathetic. A ham and cheese sandwich with literally nothing in it. Butter. Or just a butter sandwich, honestly, I’m awful…

    LA: Butter sandwich, so good though. I love that. Do you have a signature fragrance, or a few go-tos?

    MMH: I’m wearing Dior Oud Ispahan, I wear that. And then in the villa, India was wearing this perfume called Baccarat [Rouge], in a little red bottle.

    LA: I know the one, so delicious.

    Maison Francis Kirkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, £200, Selfridges

    Molly Mae Beauty Bytes

    Buy now

    MMH: Tommy bought it for me when we came out [of the villa] and it was about £300 for a bottle and I was like, oh my god. It’s such a treat but I wear it on special occasions, that’s my favourite.

    LA: There are a lot of perfumes that smell very similar, but that one is so unique.

    MMH: Any time I wear it, everyone’s saying ‘Are you wearing Baccarat?’ You can smell it instantly.

    LA: Yes! I was in a lift with a member of staff at a hotel and I was like, ‘is that…?’

    MMH: Yeah, it’s unisex. It lasts all day, just one spray and that’s it. I feel like I can never smell perfume on me and it’s really frustrating – I spend £300 on a perfume and I can’t even smell it on me!

    LA: But everyone else can smell it, so it’s fine! Does your beauty routine change when you are on holiday?’

    MMH: Yes, I don’t have a beauty routine when I’m on holiday. I barely wear any make-up. I’m going away in a few days and I probably won’t take my make-up bag.

    LA: It gives your skin a break.

    MMH: Yeah, a hundred per cent. I’m quite lucky that I tan very easily so as soon as I’m in the sun I just get a natural tan. That’s kind of what I like to do on holiday, obviously I wear a little bit [of make-up] maybe for like going for dinner and stuff, but nothing too intense.

    LA: That’s really nice, you just need SPF.

    MMH: Yeah, I’m bad with my sun cream though, the people in the villa used to get so, so annoyed with me, saying I need to put sun cream on.

    LA: But it’s all there for you, Molly-Mae!

    MMH: I know, because I tan so well you feel like you don’t need it – but you do need it.

    LA: What are your three most used emojis?

    MMH: The laughing one…

    LA: With the crying?

    MMH: Yeah, and probably the actual crying one, the solid tears. And then probably the love heart, just the red one.

    LA: Classic. Do you have a favourite book?

    MMH: The Fault In Our Stars, it’s the only book I’ve ever cried reading. I was going to say it’s the only book I’ve actually ever read but it’s not! I don’t really read, obviously I can sit and enjoy a book but on holiday I literally just want to sleep and just chill.

    LA: It’s having the time, too.

    MMH: Oh my gosh, yeah. I’ve started listening to podcasts as well.

    LA: Any favourites?

    MMH: There’s one with Jamie Laing that I have been loving, and the Pretty Little Thing one as well, I love the PLT one.

    LA: What would your last meal be?

    MMH: Probably a steak from STK and macaroni cheese. It’s my favourite restaurant. Or, going to TGI Fridays and having chicken strips and sweet potato fries. Tommy and I go to TGI’s all the time, we’re on a diet right now but before that we were there every night.’

    LA: So, fancy chicken and chips, lovely. What is the weirdest pick-up line you have ever heard?

    MMH: I get some really interesting DMs, like people sending me pictures of someone throwing a basket ball into a basket, making their shot… People are savage.

    LA: Favourite TV show to binge-watch? Are you a Netflix binger?

    MMH: Not overly, I’m into horror films; Tommy and I are obsessed with horror films. We watched one the other night called Terrifier and I’ve not been able to sleep since. It’s honestly destroyed me. It’s about a clown, but It times a hundred. Oh, it’s awful.

    LA: I’m awful with horror films.

    MMH: I do it to myself, why do I do that to myself? I don’t sleep for weeks and then I’m like, why did I watch that film? Then I can’t be in the flat by myself and I’m like ‘for God’s sake.’

    LA: You need to watch some Disney or something.

    MMH: Yeah, balance it out.

    LA: Favourite Instagram accounts to stalk?

    MMH: Oh, I’ve got literally loads. Jess Hunt, I love stalking her, the other Island girls, VS models. I’m constantly following new people and taking inspiration from other accounts. All of my closest follows are influencers like Emily Shack, I am literally obsessed with her Instagram feed. Loads of people, I could literally stalk anyone on Instagram. I’m always so in awe because I know how hard it is to be an influencer and to create content. When I scroll through someone’s Instagram and their content is incredible I’m like, honestly, hats off to them. Because I know how hard it is, where they have travelled to, the outfits and the money they’re asked to spend to get those clothes; I can really relate. That’s why I enjoy looking at new people.

    LA: Do you bookmark loads and loads of people’s posts?

    MMH: Yeah I always screenshot. I love Pinterest as well, so I’ll search someone’s name on Pinterest and I’ll create a folder for just them. It sounds really weird, but then I’ll look at their style and see how they do it and take inspiration. With Instagram it’s good to be original, but no-one wants to see anything too original, because everyone likes the same stuff and to follow those trends. So it’s not copying but taking inspiration from other people as well.

    LA: What would you say your favourite movie is? Probably not the one you watched the other night…

    MMH: Bridesmaids. Hundred per cent, it’s such a cliché answer but it is. I could honestly watch that film 17 times in a row.

    LA: What was the first thing you bought with your first big pay cheque?

    MMH: Well I bought my… Actually I can’t say because she’ll find out and it’s meant to be a surprise. I was going to say I bought something exciting for my sister for Christmas, but I don’t want her to know what it is! Probably that Dior bag over there, that was a big splash. To be fair, I’ve actually been really good with my money, I’ve really impressed myself. I’ve spent it on other people, I bought my friend a really expensive pair of trainers for her 21st, I paid for the dinner for everyone to eat [for her birthday]. I got really lucky, with my path in life and getting on Love Island and the people around me don’t always get lucky, so it’s I think important to give back.

    LA: That’s so nice! What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

    MMH: Wellness? I think, prioritising what’s important. I’m a bit of a stress head. Even this morning, we were trying to get out of the hotel room and I was dragging my suitcase and another bag, and I was getting so stressed. You just don’t need that! So trying to push away the stress, staying zen and calm, taking deep breaths. As soon as I get stressed, my day will go down.

    LA: You have a lot you want to focus on at the moment too, so you want to be in the right mindset. What else do you do to look after yourself at the minute?

    MMH: I’m obsessed with massages at the moment, I’ll have like one a week, it’s really bad. I’ll come out and be like, hmm, that one was a 7/10… not as good as the one yesterday. Tommy and I went for one together the other day – worst decision of my life because we were wetting ourselves. The music came on and I was trying not to laugh – you know when the other person is finding it hilarious?

    LA: Exactly.

    MMH: I just thought, I can’t wait to laugh with Tommy when we get out of here. But then you just want it to be over and it’s like, I’m not enjoying this.

    LA: I had a hot stone massage at the same time as my sister years ago. I’d finally switched off, and at the end I hear this little voice go, ‘what would you do if I threw one of those rocks at your head?’ Instantly back in the room. It’s a nice idea, but…

    MMH: That’s hilarious! It never works out quite like you imagine it.

    Molly Mae Beauty Bytes

    Molly-Mae wearing the nighttime lash from her Tatti Lashes collaboration

    LA: Who were you most star struck meeting?

    MMH: Oooh, well, when I was in New York recently I was staying in the same hotel as Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian – they were this far away from me and I was freaking out. Tommy and I were in a Halloween shop because he was buying this weird outfit, and my manager messaged saying you need to come back right NOW. I’ve never got in a taxi so quick in my life. We smiled at each other! And I got a photo with Paris Hilton, she was lovely and was like, ‘congrats on your collection with PLT’ – she was so nice. I get star struck by everyone. It’s weird because I can’t imagine people would get like that with me but they do, people cry and stuff. When Little Mix walked in [at their launch] last night I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Little Mix!’

    LA: When it’s somebody major you do.

    MMH: Yeah, yeah! Cheryl was at the Pride of Britain Awards the other night and I’ve always been obsessed with her, so I think if I’d walked past her I probably would have had a meltdown.

    Molly-Mae’s ‘From AM to PM’ collaboration with Tatti Lashes is available now online

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