The summer make-up hack that will seriously speed up your beauty routine

Get ready to streamline your make-up bag...

Get ready to streamline your make-up bag...

Ah summer, what a time to be alive. Ice lollies, summer dresses, Pimms and a perma-sweaty face. Yes, whilst summer fashion is the gift that keeps on giving, our beauty regime seems to be thrown into a state of disarray at the first sign of 20 degrees.

It goes without saying that facial sun protection is a must (we’re talking all year round guys and girls), but teaming your normal face base, shadowed lids and heat-straightened hair ‘aint going to work too well in the heat.

To remedy this summertime malady, and streamline your make-up routine in the process, we’ve found the ultimate beauty hack (OK, make that hacks, plural), that will see your beauty products working twice as hard, in half the time.

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Photographed by Benjamin Madgwick

Step forward Revlon’s new Mega Multiplier Mascara, £9.99. This revolutionary mascara not only offers up a foolproof doe-eyed look, every time – that’ll be thanks to its waterproof-like formula that doesn’t dry or flake off during the day, but also lends itself to layering up.

Lash after lash, layer after layer, this mascara refuses to clump, it’ll just make your lashes longer, thicker and more dramatic. Which is a pretty perfect result, if you ask us.

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Results above, and below...

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Introducing Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Pro tip: If you really want to get the most out of your mascara during application, look down, and wiggle your mascara wand on the outside of your upper lashes to coat them, before looking up, and coating them as normal from the inside lash line, for a more defined lash look, that gives the look of liquid liner, in half the time.

The second summer beauty hack, as demonstrated by makeup artist to the A-list, Lan Nguyen-Grealis, is to transform your favourite products into multi-tasking miracles. Why bother taking out your whole beauty bag, when a lipstick can be used as an eye shadow and cheek colour? It’s malleable, works with your skin tone (it’s your lipstick, after all), and is surprisingly sweat-proof once applied.

See below for the incredible results that come from lipstick-as-shadow.

For added beauty clout, add a sweep of Vaseline over the top to obtain a glossy sheen, which will elevate the look from matte, to high-shine luxe.

FYI, once the Vaseline glaze has been added, your eyes will need a bit of maintenance and touch ups throughout the day/night, but we reckon it's 100% worth it for a night out. For the final step, simply add some hair spray to your hands, sweep through your hairline to pull your hair back off your face (by far the coolest style for summer, literally) et Voila! Your summer beauty look sorted.

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