Iconic 90s beauty products that we're still loving today (...remember these?)

90s beauty trends still rule. Here's the proof.

Drew Barrymore 90s beauty trends
Drew Barrymore 90s beauty trends

90s beauty trends still rule. Here's the proof.

Lancôme Juicy Tubes, blue mascara, Charlie perfume; 90s beauty really was the best. From the iced eyeshadows to the very many shades of brown lippy, have you ever been as truly obsessed with a single product as you probably were back then?

If we’ve kicked off a longing deep inside with this little trip down beauty’s memory lane, prepare for imminent unbridled joy; loads of the products you loved then are still around today! Not only are they around, but some have even had a modern makeover, so they’re actually even better.

Need some 90s beauty inspiration, stat though? Revisit some of the most iconic 90s beauty idols.

Yes, yes: it’s all extremely exciting.

From iconic lip glosses to the trends we wish we’d never left behind, here’s how to recapture your passion for the products of your teenage years, without sacrificing on style or performance.

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

Ah Juicy Tubes, how we loved thee! If you’ve been missing these squeezy tubes check out Lancôme’s newest launch; Juicy Shaker, £18. It’s the same sheer colour with the same high gloss ‘juicy’ finish, only now it comes in a shaker bottle with a cushiony applicator for added precision.

Coloured mascara

Blue, purple, green - coloured mascara was the best, and one beauty brand that still agrees is Yves Saint Laurent. In the new Spring collection the YSL Luxurious Mascara For False Lash Effect, £25, comes in bright pink and jade green, for a laid-back bohemian look. There’s even encouragement to mix the shades for a ‘tie-dye effect’.

Charlie perfume

Which were you - Charlie Red, Charlie Sunshine? If you loved the sweet scents from Revlon, try upgrading to the beauty brand’s newest scent, Love Is On, £14.99. Blending vanilla infused musk with rose and spice, the fragrance has been designed to ‘spark the chemistry’.

Iced eyeshadow

Oh we loved a frosted eyeshadow, and the coolest colours always came from Urban Decay. If you’re up for recreating the look, you’ll be happy to know that the Urban Decay Moondust collection, £14 each, is absolutely primed for grown-up sparkle that won’t fade or fall. Using modern formulations, these are the frosted shades you loved with a contemporary twist.

Brown lips

Whether you were a Heather Shimmer kind of girl or more a Raisin Rage, brownish/purplish lipsticks were the thing. Still loving the look? MAC’s rosy brown Whirl lipstick, £15.50, is one of the brand’s all-time best-sellers, and inspired Kylie Jenner to launch her own range of 90s style nudes in her now famous Kylie Lip Kit collection.

Hair mascara

If you didn’t use hair mascara to add coloured streaks to your locks, you just weren’t ‘cool’ - you were *it*! But while hair mascara may be out, more sophisticated hair crayons are well and truly in. Try the bold shades from Bleach, £4 each, for festival-ready tresses.

We might be getting a bit too excited about all of these... But it's probably not okay for us to wear them all at once***, is it?

***Totally doing that.

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