The New DNA Test That Prevents Your Skin From Ageing. This Is The Future, People.

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  • Geneu DNA Beautylab on a Microchip: The future of anti-ageing is here and it's expensive.

    If you could stop yourself from ever looking any older than you do now, would you do it? While it might seem like a concept that is still far away in the future, this kind of technology is fast becoming available. Most recently, in the form of a new concept store that has just opened on New Bond Street, offering customers a DNA test to see how they will age in years to come. Scary stuff, right? No want wants that vision of their future.

    Called Geneu DNA Profiling, the high-tech test only takes 30 minutes to determine how your complexion will age, factoring in your genetic make-up, rather than external aggressors. There’s no needles, scalpels or surgeons, just a swab inside the mouth and a quick questionnaire about your lifestyle choices (which ultimately, still affect your future self). Finally, a personalised skincare regime is prescribed, giving you the perfect mix of anti-ageing ingredients to use in place of your generic regime.

    The big promise here is that it is possible to change our genetic destiny, with the right know-how and don’t have to put up with wrinkles and sagging skin just because our grandmothers did. The downside? It comes with a hefty price tag: To take the test and walk away with two unique serums will set you back £600.

    But, even though we have heard of personalised skincare services before, this one has real weight behind it. Creator, Professor Christofer Toumazou, has just won the European Inventor Award for this amazing breakthrough, which incorporates real science and technology with modern beauty needs. DNA profiling has been ten years in the making and will continue to be refined for years to come, making it a good investment for the future of our delicate complexions.

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