It’s Official: City Pollution Is Ageing. Great News For Country Folk, Not So Much For Everyone Else.

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  • Living in the city will make skin age 10% faster than if you live surrounded by fresh country air.

    Science has spoken. City pollution ages skin 10% faster than clean rural air, meaning city dwellers everywhere need to up the ante on their skincare, pronto.

    A study by cosmetics company P&G, undertaken by Professor Wei Liu, a dermatologist at the China Air Force general hospital in Beijing, claims that polluted air contains a massive 224 chemicals which damage our complexions, causing the loss of Keratin. This important protein helps our skin to retain moisture, which in turn keeps it plump and youthful. If air-borne pollution particles attack the keratin in our skin, we can expect to see more wrinkles and a loss in firmness that our country counterparts won’t necessarily experience, even if other lifestyle factors are the same.

    P&G also claim that even though people living in the country were exposed to more sunlight and harmful UV rays, it was the level of pollution experienced in the city that had more extreme ageing effects in the long run.

    And it’s not just the signs of ageing that pollution can affect. Sensitive skin can also be further exacerbated by living in the city, causing inflammation, redness and an uneven skin tone to flare up.

    City lovers don’t need to despair too much though, there are a wealth of new products on the market that promise to protect skin from further damage and even reverse current signs of pollution-related ageing. Plus, there are measures you can take to help beat the toxins from the inside out. Read our anti-pollution beauty guide to find out how to save your skin today.

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