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The Cat Video You REALLY Need To See…

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  • Meet Candy Crush, the star of our new June issue...

    Cats and fragrance – they may sounds like an unlikely alliance but that’s just what we wanted for a fragrance still life shoot in the June issue of Marie Claire. Why, you ask? Because there’s a real trend for scents inspired by animals – well, their softer sides anyway – and we thought what better way to explore this than with a beautiful little kitty.

    But this isn’t just any neighborhood moggy. Candy Crush (or Kai, as he’s known to his lovely owners who own 40 award-winning felines) is a show cat of the highest caliber. He’s a very distinctive shade of Persian, which makes him very highly, sought after – and quite the star in demand. In fact, we booked the entire shoot around this little guy – talk about demanding!
    Thankfully, on the day he was a dream model to work with. There were no diva tantrums, flying hairballs, or strops because we’d run out of freshly cured tuna on the day of the shoot, (though he did refuse to eat some Kitty Kat!) In fact, if anything Kai was so relaxed during the day of the shoot he actually fell asleep nestled on all the fragrances we’d photographed him with. Although, his slumber was disturbed by the noises of car horns and sirens waking him up as he tried to have a catnap. We’d heard he had a late night the day before, hanging out and partying with other beautiful feline stars.

    We didn’t realize just how much grooming being a show kitty required. He had his own groomer, assistant and handler who were always nearby, just in case he had any model demands. But apart from a little light kitty-friendly make-up (read, talcum powder) and the occasional brush (he has a LOT of hair), that’s all Kai needed to look like every inch the film star he so obviously was meant to play.
    We predict big things for Kai – he’s the next big feline star. You heard it here first.

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