Five other products you didn't know Beautyblender makes

There's so much more on offer than just the original sponge...

There's so much more on offer than just the original sponge...

You may have heard that Beautyblender has just launched their very own foundation – but what you might not know is that there are already tons of products on offer from the brand.

As well as the original egg-shaped sponge applicator (which now comes in loads of colour variations), there are various other handy tools every beauty junkie should be armed with.

Keep scrolling for a whistle-stop tour of the other genius beauty products Beautyblender has to offer.

A cleaning tray

Keep.It.Clean, £17, Fabled

This giant, Beautyblender shaped cleaning tray, which conveniently slides onto your hand, makes washing your BB so much easier. The best bit? There's no stopping you using it to clean your other make-up brushes too.

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Blotting paper, but better

Bloterazzi Pro, £17, Fabled

Blotting paper just got an upgrade – the Blotterazzi is a thin sponge that soaks up excess oil for a shine-free day, all day. They're also reusable, unlike single-use blotting papers, so you get more for your money.

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A drying stand

Beautyblender Original with Crystal Nest, £19, Fabled

The 'Beauty Queen' set comes with a crystal clear drying stand, so you have somewhere to rest your Beautyblender after cleaning while it airs. Genius.

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Blenderdefender case

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The new, pill-shaped storage case allows you to carry two Beautyblenders (damp or dry) in a protective container, minimising the risk of damage in your make-up bag. (Plus, how cute are they?)

Specially formulated cleaner

Liquid Bleanderclenser, £16, Fabled

As well as the Solid Blendercleanser, there's a liquid version, so you're spoilt for choice with formula option for the specially-designed cleaner.

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It's safe to say that almost all of your beauty tool needs are taken care of here.

Who knows what they'll do next...

Lucy Abbersteen
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