From the best under-eye concealers, to making the dark circles disappear, these are our tips and tricks for banishing the under-eye blues.


From the best under-eye concealers, to making the dark circles disappear, these are our tips and tricks for banishing the under-eye blues.

Dark circles: the bane of the busy woman. Whether it’s early starts at the office or late nights with friends, those puffy purple smudges seem to haunt us, and the question of how to get rid of dark circles is one that flits into our minds even time we look in the mirror. From eye-bag diminishing secrets to killer under-eye concealers, we’re of the impression that what’s really needed to banish dark circles once and for all (or at least, for a while) is a two-pronged attack: don’t just cover it up, treat it too!

Your first step in hiding dark circles is to reduce how dark they are in the first place where possible. While some of the darkness under the eyes is genetic, some of it can be related to things like dehydration, poor diet and – obviously – lack of sleep.

The Quick Fix If you’re one of those people who wakes up from a fretful night with red, puffy eyes, it’s worth getting your hands on a cooling eye gel for when you wake up. We like First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller, £18.50, and The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll On, £14. The metal ball may look a bit like a gimmick, but you’d be surprised how quickly it can reduce the puff – keep it in the fridge to give it an extra soothing boost. If you don’t fancy the rollers try out Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream, £75, which is a cult favourite with beauty gurus… If you can get your hands on it.

The Wonder-Workers If you have a little more time it’s worth trying out an eye mask, to target puffiness and pigmentation long term. Try out Rodial’s Dragon Blood Eye Masks, £39, or Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, £46, both of which are rejuvenating and soothing. For a super luxe version, Chantecaille’s Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks, £185, can’t be beaten. Alternatively, make your own homemade version by putting a couple of teabags in the fridge, and then placing over closed eyes for about 10 minutes - the small amount of caffeine in there will add to the soothing properties of the cool bags.

The Concealers Once you’ve managed to de-puff a bit, the best under-eye concealer can be a tricky decision. Generally it’s best to use a light textured one, that won’t settle in under-eye creases. A good tip is to pick a shade with slightly pinky undertones, to counteract the purple shade under the eye (if you were wondering, that’s why that viral red lippy trick works). Here are some of our faves:

The creamy one: Nars Creamy Concealer, £22, is smooth to apply, very brightening and has good coverage.

Best for adding radiance: YSL’s classic Touche Eclat, £25, is good for adding a hint of luminosity on top of your concealer. Dot under the eye where the darkness is most intense.

The underrated one: Bobbi Brown’s tinted eye brightener, £20, is one of the best concealers around for under the eye, and comes in a good variety of shades.

Best for packing a punch: Try Diego Dalla Palma's Concealer, £17.64, a full coverage cream that erases dark circles completely. Make sure you blend well to make ensure it doesn’t settle in any fine lines. 

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