Have You Got A Dark Side? There's Now A Personality Test So You Can Find Out…

How evil are you?

The Witches
The Witches L

How evil are you?

Reckon you harbour a dark side to rival that of Lord Voldemort? Well, now you can take a test to analyse just how nefarious you really are.

The BBC have enlisted the help of psychologists to design a quiz which measures your 'dark triad' personality traits: Machiavellianism (characterised by cunning and manipulation) narcissism (extreme selfishness and self-interest) and psychopathy (anti-social behaviour and impulsivity).

Participants are asked to move sliders on a scale of 'strongly disagree' to 'strongly agree' for statements such as 'most people can be manipulated' and 'I like to get revenge on authorities'.

After answering the questions, which takes around five minutes, you'll then be grouped into one of three categories 'decidedly dastardly', 'moderately nefarious' or 'infrequently vile' with each one revealing how you scored in each of the triads.

But if it transpires that you're a little bit darker than you expected, don't worry - experts reckon you need a little bit of ruthlessness to get ahead in life, especially if you want to make it in politics, business or a leadership role.

The quiz uses the theories from a study by psychologists Daniel Jones and Delroy Paulhus, which analysed techniques to measure this dark triad of characteristics.

However the BBC warns that the quiz was 'designed solely for entertainment, and the results should not be considered a scientific measure of your personality.'

Take it if you dare...

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