American woman up for sale

Buy a house in America this month, and you could get the owner thrown in for free

Marie Claire News: For Sale
Marie Claire News: For Sale

Buy a house in America this month, and you could get the owner thrown in for free

Clearly the credit crunch is biting harder in America than we thought, one woman has just put herself up for sale, along with her house.

Devon Trabosh, 42, has posted her four-bed Florida home on the small ads website Craigslist and eBay - and she's throwing herself in for free!

'Marry a Princess Lost in America,' shouts the advertisement.

eBay didn't see the romantic side and has since removed her posting (the company prohibits the selling of human beings).

However, Devon isn't deterred and still hopes she can find someone to shell out the $500,000 asking price for her and her home.

There's already one potential taker: an Italian wine taster who's been emailing Devon since he first saw the ad and who she's planning to meet in Miami later this month.

The only person not impressed by Devon's initiative? Her 14-year-old daughter.

Would you resort to selling yourself on the internet? What's the craziest thing you've done to bag yourself a man? Tell us your stories on the form below…

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