59 is the age women should begin to 'grow old gracefully'

Study says late fifties is the time to retire daring clothing and make-up

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Study says late fifties is the time to retire daring clothing and make-up

False eyelashes, bright lips and high heels are often the holy trinity of the modern woman’s glammed up look. Most of us would feel that at least one of the above is necessary to feel good for a special event, but new research suggests that 59 is the age we should retire our more attention-grabbing attire.

A recent study showed that women believe that daring pieces, such as leather trousers, should be banished from wardrobes by the age of 41, whilst fitted tops may be deemed inappropriate by 45.

The poll showed that 80 per cent of women feel the need to wave goodbye to trend driven clothes from their forties onwards, and a third reckoned that fake tan is passé in their forth decade.

A spokesperson for Nurture Replenish Skincare, who carried out the research, described the fifties as a 'watershed decade' for women. Instead of aiming to look as young as possible, most simply want to look good for their age. 'It appears we are seeing a ‘Botox backlash’, as women seem to be more interested in looking good than looking 20.'

A confident 74 per cent said that they see no need for cosmetic surgery, and most advocated a healthy diet and rigid skincare regime as the route to ageing well.

Inspiration came from stars such as Nigella Lawson and Camilla Parker- Bowles, who respondents said were 'ageing gracefully.'

Do you think 59 is the age when women should retire bright make-up, lashes and daring clothes, or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below.


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