A Successful Career In 2013 Is Not What You Might Think…

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  • New research has shown what a successful career looks like in 2013. And it turns out making an important contribution to your workplace is now key for professional happiness. So, here are 7 top tips for getting your ideas heard.

    Research by L’Oreal has revealed that simply getting by or hanging in for that promotion are things of the past when it comes to the modern career. Nowadays, we want to be constantly challenged and feel that we have progressed in a company through performance and contribution, not by default through length of service.

    We Brits seem to have developed a strong entrepreneurial streak, which, according to L’Oreal, has led to the creation of a new type of employee: the ‘intrapreneur’. This is someone who has all the qualities of an entrepreneur and great ideas, but wants to continue working for their company.

    When asked what we most want from our career, 73 per cent of us say that the most important thing is having our work and contributions valued. Over a third of us also want to work for a company that nurtures our ideas.

    It isn’t always easy putting your ideas forward, though, so we’ve spoken to career psychologist Gail Kinman to give you 7 top tips for getting your views valued and becoming a successful ‘intrapreneur’.

    7 Ways To Get Your Ideas Heard

    1. Think about what you want to say before you say it, otherwise your ideas may come across as not well thought-through.

    2. Think about the short and long term implications of your ideas and rehearse answers to some questions that might arise. You could talk your ideas through with friends, family or (trusted) colleagues.

    3.Think about when will be the right time to speak up. It is sometimes difficult to get yourself heard in large meetings.

    4. Speak clearly, don’t gabble or provide too much information, and make lots of eye contact.

    5. Allow people time to ask you questions. If you don’t have the answers say so rather than waffling. 

    6. Watch your body language – maintaining an open, relaxed posture is important.

    7. Remember, it’s best to focus on a small number of ideas rather than several less well-formulated ones.

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