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The MD of Beyond Certainty, Haralambos Stavrou, shares his top tips

BC events
BC events
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The MD of Beyond Certainty, Haralambos Stavrou, shares his top tips

Working in the events industry is a popular career choice for women throughout the UK, it has just been announced that the UK events industry is worth more than £36bn to the national economy per year so it’s full of opportunity. However it is also one of the most competitive markets in which to work. The Olympic Games inspired the next generation of athletes but also the next generation of event managers.

Here, leading events management and production agency Beyond Certainty’s MD Haralambos Stavrou, shares his top tips on breaking into one of the UK’s most competitive spaces.

1. Get on the ground. If you are studying or contemplating a career change, get as much work experience as possible in your chosen sector. For events, this can be anything from working for a busy catering company and learning skills such as silver service to volunteering for a corporate or charity running events year round. Oxfam, for example, organises charity events on a large scale and are always looking for volunteers.

2. Tailor your CV. When applying for events roles or work experiences make your CV stand out. In a busy market place event companies are looking for creative engaging people. Focus on the most recent work skills and knowledge you have and anything relevant to that role. For example, if you want to work for an events company who mostly organise fashion events, what do you know or how can you relate to fashion?

3. Be ahead of the game. We now post job openings on social media sites, for us this means anybody applying for jobs through these channels is current and aware of the digital space which is becoming a crucial part of live events.

4. Do your homework. If you are fortunate enough to get an interview do your homework, has the company been in the press recently for any events they have organised, have they won any awards or tweeted something of interest? Showing you know what they are up to will always win you points at an interview.

5. Use your time wisely. If you find you are struggling to get that job. Spend your time wisely. Spending a summer working at a place such as Camp America will help you develop your organisational and people skills. Show the employer you are seeking new opportunities and you are proactive in engaging with wider audiences.

Beyond Certainty is an integrated events management company based in London. The company, started up over 10 years ago, manages events for a range of FTSE100 companies, banks, fashion trendsetters and film production companies. For more information go here.



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