Part-time jobs are no longer considered second rate among women

New top 50 'part-time power list' shows women are working in senior and well-paid part-time jobs

Businesswoman - World News - Marie Claire
Businesswoman - World News - Marie Claire
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New top 50 'part-time power list' shows women are working in senior and well-paid part-time jobs

Breaking the stereotype often associated with part-time work, a new top 50 ‘part-time power list’ shows that there are plenty of women working in well-paid, senior, part-time jobs.

Timewise jobs - a part-time jobs site - has just unveiled a list of 50 part-time power players, shining light on a range of senior jobs across various industries, that are conducted on a flexible or reduced hours basis.

Low-paid, part-time work has long been synonymous with working mothers, but growing evidence suggests that many are now forging decent careers on the part-time path, simply because they want to.


This ever-increasing list includes Anna Skoglund, Goldman Sachs’ investment banking managing director and Katie Bickerstaffe, chief executive of Dixons UK and Ireland, who both work four days a week.

'Success in the twenty first century no longer has one model. It doesn’t always look like a man in a suit, chained to his desk 24/7' said Bickerstaffe, of the growing acceptance for part-time workers.

‘The world has moved on. Not only are more innovative and future-forward employers using flexibility as a tool to retain brilliant people, but many are starting to use it to attract brand new talent too,’ said Timewise Jobs’ founder Karen Mattison.

But the majority of Britons – nearly three in four – don’t believe it possible to have a senior level career on a part-time basis, according to a previous survey by the jobs site.



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