Top 5 backhanded compliments

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  • Research shows that half of all women hate being praised, and with backhanded compliments like this doing the rounds who can blame us?

    All of the below ‘compliments’ have been said to either myself or one of my friends. Like they say, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry…

    1. You look so great with make-up on, you should wear it more often

    Sure, I know my dark circles are an unnatural shade of purple and my pores can be seen from space, but cut me some slack.

    2. You look amazing from behind

    This was actually said to me on a night out in Clapham. I guess it shows my butt crunches had been working so I’ll take it.

    3. Your Facebook profile picture looks nothing like you, you look gorgeous in it

    A harsh but fair observation in this particular instance, so I took it as praise of my camera skills.

    4. You’re so much more intelligent than your accent makes you sound

    This was aimed at a lovely friend of mine who happens to hail from Essex. Rude.

    5. I bet you’re good at swimming, you have very broad shoulders

    This foot-in-mouth offender might as well have told my friend she was big boned and be done with it.

    What’s the funniest or harshest backhanded compliment you’ve received? Let us know in the comment box below.

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