The new dating agency to help busy businessmen and women find love

Elite dating agency plans to match up people who have a similar work ethic

Businessman and woman
Businessman and woman
(Image credit: REX)

Elite dating agency plans to match up people who have a similar work ethic

For many busy professionals their demanding schedules mean it can be hard to find time for relationships and dating.

However, help is at hand from a new elite dating agency, The Bowes-Lyon Partnership, who specialise in creating matches between businessmen and women.

The discreet service aims to match up people with similar work ethics through their membership plans.

Staff at the agency offer consultations to get to know their clients and establish what they want from a relationship, before using their portfolio to pair them up with somebody who fits all their criteria.

They claim this will help to both prevent stress from damaging the relationship, as well as removing pressure from the dating process, and that they are looking to help people searching for long-term relationships as opposed to flings.



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