These are the star signs most likely to smash a job interview

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  • Prepping for an interview? Apparently the odds are in these zodiac sign's favour when it comes to charming their way into a new professional role

    Words by Chantel Pereira:

    Prepping for a job interview can be very nerve-wracking as it essentially involves making a sale – of yourself as a viable employee. If you’re naturally very confident this might sound like a breeze to you. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it can be pretty intimidating. Whether it’s over the telephone, via Zoom or even the traditional face-to-face kind (god, remember that?), these types of formal conversations always require a large amount of planning and research if a good first impression is to be made.

    Now, what if we told you that there are higher astrological powers at play when determining the success of your interview? That’s right. According to the experts over at, certain zodiac characteristics can give some people an advantage when applying for jobs, such as being more “confident” and “goal centric”.

    These are the star signs that are more likely to smash a job interview…

    If you’re a Capricorn (born between December 21st to January 21st), you’re in luck! 84% of Capricorns are most likely to be offered a job on the spot. This is credited to the notorious workaholic traits of all Capricorn babies.

    Reigning in at second place are Virgos (born between August 23rd to September 22nd), where 75% smashed their interviews and received job offers on the spot. Virgos are described as incredibly organised and passionate about achieving their goals, so it’s a no-brainer why employers are eager to snatch these candidates up.

    Finally, at third place is Aquarius (born between January 21st to February 20th) with 73% receiving a job offer immediately. Aquarians are natural social butterflies with high levels of confidence, which makes them ideal candidates for talking themselves into landing the job of their dreams. Want to see how the other star signs got on? Look no further…

    Capricorn – 84%

    Virgo – 75%

    Aquarius – 73%

    Scorpio – 69%

    Gemini – 67%

    Leo – 61%

    Sagittarius – 60%

    Libra – 55%

    Aries – 51%

    Taurus – 43%

    Pisces – 36%

    Cancer – 32%

    As indicated by the poll, some signs need a bit more help when it comes to smashing interviews…

    Taureans (born between April 19th to May 20th) are known for being unreliable and this could be why only 43% were offered job offers immediately after an interview. This trait can be very off-putting to potential employers.

    Similarly, with the water sign, Pisces (born between February 19th to March 20th), a mere 36% received job offers directly after an interview. People born into this star sign love daydreaming, so they may not pay attention when potential employers ask them serious questions – a big no-no in the hiring realm.

    Lastly, if you’re a Cancerian (born June 21st to July 22nd), chances are landing the job might prove to be somewhat difficult with only 32% receiving an offer after the interview. Cancerians tend to be sensitive and anxious which might come across negatively in an interview.

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