10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview

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  • Take note. These commonly made mistakes could cost you your dream job.

    We’ve all been there. Trying to be the most impressive version of yourself while having your competence questioned by a high-flying boss-person is stressful.

    Research conducted by Barclays Lifeskills reveals that a quarter of young people believe they perform badly in interviews and 64 per cent say they would benefit from job interview training.

    Plus, even if you think your communication skills are on point and your charm is off the charts, that alone is not enough to win you your dream job.

    Barclays’ Lifeskills team surveyed 500 interviewers in order to determine what are the most common errors made by job candidates at interview. The most frequent mistake? A failure to prepare properly.

    Looking for a new job? Want to make an outstanding first impression? Here’s what NOT to do (these things really grind employers gears).

    10 mistakes interview candidates often make

    Failing to do their research 51%

    Showing off 31%

    Asking no questions 31%

    Not acting engaged with the interviewer 30%

    Making up answers 29%

    Lying about achievements 29%

    Not dressing appropriately 26%

    Rambling on 24%

    Can’t explain what they will bring to the role 23%

    Moaning about their employer 19%

    Barclays Lifeskills

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