Introducing Marie Claire's first-ever Creators Issue

In partnership with Adobe.

(Image credit: RAMONA ROSALES)

In partnership with Adobe.

On Tuesday, Marie Claire US released its first-ever Creators Issue, in partnership with Adobe. The digital issue features Jenny Slate as its cover star, with Slate opening up to writer Dana Schwartz about motherhood, marriage—the story reveals that Slate married her partner, Ben Shattuck, on New Year’s Eve 2021—and Slate’s artistic projects past and present. “I've never been happier in my life,” she revealed to Schwartz. “I feel like I can finally be what I want to be.”

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For the Creators Issue cover, Slate was shot by photographer Ramona Rosales, who employed unconventional techniques and tools such as dollies and streamers to capture motion within the photos. The result, along with the impressive post-production effects achieved using the Adobe Creative Suite, does justice to Slate’s dynamic, ever-evolving creative journey.

"After writing my book, I think I was like, You'll never be able to convince me that I'm not my own strange flame,” Slate tells Schwartz. “I am. …I just am. I like what I am. I think I get it. I enjoy what I'm like.”

A continuation of the magazine’s commitment to empowering women, the Creators Issue seeks to highlight emerging female-identifying visual artists, filmmakers, writers, performers, designers, and content creators.

By lending its far-reaching platform to rising artists, Marie Claire and its partner in this issue, Adobe, hope not only to promote these entrepreneurs’ growth, but also to encourage readers to support the arts and, perhaps, to create art of their own.

One key artist featured in the issue is Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. In “My Beauty DNA: Deepika Padukone,” the actress and businesswoman opens up about her plans to establish a lifestyle brand that is “rooted in India” and prioritizes self-care. Padukone describes her personal, tradition-based beauty journey, and the holistic approach she adopts when selecting what products to use.

The issue also delves into art’s potential to create lasting, meaningful social change. In addition to highlighting progressive, socially aware creatives, Marie Claire includes an article on art’s relationship with activism. After touching on the history of art’s propensity to confront societal issues, the article discusses the increasingly inextricable relationship between art and social commentary.

Writer Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz features a number of female artists whose work has been impacted by recent social justice movements, such as Black Lives Matter and climate justice. The artists discuss what it’s like to grapple with the public perception of their work once it becomes well-known, and the extent to which that work comes to take on a life of its own.

The Creators Issue also covers topical issues such as sustainability, slow fashion and upcycling, and the role that social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Meta play in the promulgation of creativity online—prescient during a time when more people than ever are reevaluating their careers and how they spend their days.

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