Larissa Rohmig on being your own boss and what it's really like working with her mother

Larissa Rohmig is the founder of Invisibra, and certainly knows a thing or two about starting up a successful business. We just had to pick her brains...

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Larissa Rohmig is the founder of Invisibra, and certainly knows a thing or two about starting up a successful business. We just had to pick her brains...

Larissa and her mother, Lucylia, are the founders of InvisBra, a luxury strapless, backless self-adhesive bra. They currently sell about 50 bras per day in the UK and are destined for big things. We chatted to Larissa about working with her mother, the stresses of running a business and her weakness for shoes.

How did you come up with Invisibra? We needed lingerie solutions for backless and strapless dresses, and we couldn't find any, so decided to develop it ourselves.

What advice would you give someone trying to start up their own company? Ask yourself what it is that you need or want that the market isn’t offering you. That’s how we came up with InvisiBra. Then be prepared to work hard and learn to do everything yourself. The only way to succeed these days with start-ups is to be very shrewd with expenses. Only spend on things that are vital to the business, the rest would just be waste.

What's it really like working with your mum? It’s great because we’re very close and it means we spend a lot of time together. But a lot of the time we spend together is spent discussing business and so our relationship seems to be more business partners than mother-daughter!

Is being your own boss has good as it sounds? I love the flexibility it gives me, everyday can be different and there is no strict routine. But I hate not being able to switch off completely, these days I have to reply to emails from the moment I wake up, even when on holiday.

Describe your typical working day. I travel a lot for work these days, but wherever I am, I get up early (around 6am), I check and reply to emails, I make myself a healthy breakfast then I settle in front of the computer and reply to more emails! I sometimes have meetings in the afternoon, or photoshoots. If I’m in London, I make dinner for when my boyfriend comes home and we settle onto the sofa and we’re in bed by 10, latest.

What's your office soundtrack? I like working in silence, it helps me concentrate.

Who inspires you? My mother has always been my inspiration. I admire her strength and courage. She’s living proof that a woman can have a career and be a loving mother.

Do you socialise with your work colleagues? We treat everyone who works with us as family.

We're constantly obsessing over achieving a work-life balance, how do you do it? There’s more to life than work and I wouldn’t let work take over my life. Having your own business may mean flexible hours but you never really switch off mentally. The only time I switch off completely is when I’m cooking, which is a passion of mine.

Tell us which five websites you check every day. I love food websites like smittenkitchen and mynewroots. Twitter, facebook and pinterest.

How would your colleagues describe you? I think I’m pretty relaxed most of the time, but I can be demanding.

Do you manage to squeeze a workout into your day? Working out is so important for staying healthy and keeping a clear mind, so I work out five times a week. I don’t have a gym membership, I prefer to do yoga, go for a run and I also do interval cardio training at home. I try to do my exercise in the morning or early afternoon, when I have the most energy.

What was your first job? My dad was an inventor and I modelled a raincoat he invented in exchange for some candy.

What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a policewoman. I wanted to catch the bad guys. What's your work wardrobe staple? Most of the time, I’m in comfortable clothes when I work- t-shirts, tank tops and leggings. For meetings I wear Vivienne Westwood skirts with a simple top and a tailored jacket.

What's your pay day splurge? Shoes, they're my biggest weakness.

What have you learnt along the way? If you want to do something, you should just do it and not let fear or other people's opinions get in the way. Trust your instinct.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given? Dream big. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

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