How to love the job you’re in

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  • If you’re feeling frustrated at work but quitting isn’t an option, switching your mind set in 3 simple steps might just be the answer says career coach and author CLARE JOSA.

    How often have you started a sentence with:  “I’ll feel happy when…”? Well stop because the latest research shows that each time you tell yourself how bad your current situation is, you create motorways in the brain that keep you stuck in complaining mode.
    These neural pathways mean that a simple trigger, such as your boss saying something in the wrong tone of voice, can reawaken negative thoughts and feelings creating the overall sense that your working life is one big fail. Sound familiar?

    If this is you then reprogramming your brain for contentment might just be the answer says Dare To Dream Bigger author Clare Josa. Here she explains how its done.

    A is for Accept
    As soon as you become aware of tension in the body, especially in your jaw, face or gut, it’s likely down to a negative thought pattern. Instead of engaging with these negative emotions, accept them as an observer. Stop feeding them and they start to lose their power.

    B is for Breathe
    Shift your breathing to your abdominal area, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth with a sigh. This rebalances the nervous system. Imagine you’re bringing your energy out of your head and into your belly, breathing out through your feet.

    C is for Choose
    Pick one positive thing about your current situation – no matter how small it is – and express gratitude for it. This isn’t about pretending, it’s about freeing yourself to experience happier emotions despite what’s going on around you.

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