Feel inspired on the go with Future Shapers Live: The Podcast Series

Your chance to relive our career changing event...

Your chance to relive our career changing event...

Future Shapers Live in partnership with Neutrogena® may seem a long time ago now. Since it we've had a general election, Pippa Middleton has become Pippa Matthews and Beyoncé's had twins. Despite all this the lesson learnt from the day still hold strong and we want you to be able to relive every moment. That's why here at Marie Claire we have launched the first in a new series of podcasts so you can enjoy and listen to some of what Future Shapers Live had to offer.

So what can you expect? Future Shapers Live: The Podcast Series is dedicated to making you more of a badass in your working life. Perhaps you've just had an incredible business idea but you're not sure what to do next? Perhaps you hate the job you're in but just don't know how to change it? Maybe you want to be CEO of the company you work for but are struggling to get noticed? Whatever it is you've come to the right place.

During this brand new podcast series you'll hear great ideas, sage advice and more than a few battle stories from some brilliant women.

What these women don't know about success, simply isn't worth knowing. And with six amazing podcasts live and ready for you to download there's never been a better time to feel inspired on the go. Whether on your commute, on the treadmill or even in the bath. Download and listen to what promises to be the ultimate guide to taking your career to the next level.

Here's a rundown of the first six sessions available for you to download now:

Re-Invention and Resilience

Marie Claire’s Editor-in-chief Trish Halpin hosts an agenda-setting panel on the rapidly changing world of work, and how to stay ahead of it. Jobs are transient, skills are vital and career flexibility is key to future-proof ourselves. Find out how we navigate this brave new world with resilience to not only fulfill our potential, but to exceed it.

Panelists include: campaigner Gina Miller, elite sports psychologist Andrea Furst and founder of beauty brand This Works, Kathy Phillips.

How To Build Your Personal Brand

Seeing yourself as a personal brand has never been so important. The rise of social media means that we are expected to manage our reputation, both online and in real life. Keeping on top of how you are perceived is key whether you are employed or running a business. What do you wish for people to associate with you or your business? Whether you want to rise within an organisation or lead your own, a strong personal brand is essential. In this session Marie Claire's Features Director Andrea Thompson is in discussion with three women who have nailed the process of brand building.

Panelists include: brand consultant and entrepreneur Natasha Courtenay Smith, founder of Speak Up Like a Diva workshops Shola Kaye, and Head of Baby Care Franchise, J&J EMEA, Yana Ignatova.

How To Get Ahead In A Digital World

In a world where everything has gone digital and computers are replacing job roles at a faster rate than ever before, Marie Claire's Online Features Editor discusses how to upskill and stay ahead, whatever your industry. From the importance of social media to the basics of coding (yes, everyone can learn it, even in one day!) here’s how to make technology your friend instead of fearing it. The future is here, and we’ll show you how to embrace it for long-term career success.

Panelists include: Instagram’s head of product marketing (EMEA) Amy Cole, Decoded’s product owner Michelle Brien and leadership programme Phenomenal Training’s Laura Thompson, this panel will be chaired by Marie Claire’s Online Features Editor Delphine Chui.

How To Start A Business From Scratch

You have a game-changing idea and a laptop, but how do you transform your start-up dream from kitchen table to global business success? We speak to the inspirational women who have done exactly that about how to get things off the ground, the lessons they learned along the way and how to turn your business idea into maximum profit. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to take your business to the next level; you’ll leave with practical tips and insider advice from some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs in the business. In this session Marie Claire’s Features Editor Tracy Ramsden will be in discussion with three women who turned their business dream into a success story.

Panelists include: founder of Blink Brow Bar Vanita Parti MBE, founder of Savile Row tailoring company Gormley and Gamble and Neutrogena ambassador Phoebe Gormley and Chika Russell, founder of snack brand Chika’s.

How To Be Your Own Influencer

Likes, shares and followers are the modern businesswoman’s currency so who better to quiz on how to become an influencer than three women who have amassed more than eight million followers between them. From building online communities from scratch, to engaging with followers and monetising your social media feeds, in this breakout session Marie Claire’s Entertainment Editor Lucy Pavia talks to lifestyle and beauty YouTuber Louise Pentland; parenting blogger Constance Hall and digital entrepreneur Xenia Tchoumi about how to find your voice online and stand out.

The Power of Positivity

Hear from motivational speaker and success coach Jen Sincero. Author of the New York Times best-seller You Are Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life. What she doesn’t know about achieving personal and professional happiness isn’t worth knowing. Prepare to be inspired.

How to download

There are two easy and FREE ways to access our first podcast series.

  1. Click here or visit www.soundcloud.com/marieclaireuk
  2. Search "Marie Claire UK" in the iTunes store and the first six podcasts will be there available for you to download.

So settle down, grab a notepad and get ready to be seriously inspired.