Have You Got What It Takes To Have A Career In Floristry?

Ever considered a career in floristry? Do you have what it takes? Top London florist Laura Kuy reveals her top nine 'did you knows' about wedding floristry.

Florist career

Ever considered a career in floristry? Do you have what it takes? Top London florist Laura Kuy reveals her top nine 'did you knows' about wedding floristry.

1. Being a wedding florist is many things: fulfilling, fun, challenging but most of all stressful. You really need nerves of steel and organisational skills are a must.

2. Having an understanding and appreciation of flowers and the science behind floristry is essential. Different flowers need to be ordered at different times. For example, lilies need to come in seven days pre-wedding so they open, but roses can come in one to two days beforehand.

3. Training is crucial, so, after doing lots of research, do some voluntary work at a local florist. It really is a simple as getting your hands dirty and watching how the senior florists work. College is of course a great way to learn but as this is a practical and labourous job - being in the thick of it is the best way to pick it up.

4. Logistics, logistics, logistics. Packing and loading the van is a very skilled job, especially when you do something like a vintage wedding where there are lots of glass containers full of beautiful flowers. Careful attention is required to get them there in one piece.

5. Patience and a delicate hand is required when making things like head dresses and buttonholes - so alongside being strong (lifting cemented poles onto the van for a chuppah, for example) you also need to be able to switch to being gentle and soft.

6. Having an imagination and being able to take inspiration from all around you is a must. You can be inspired at any moment - by looking online, from colours and textures in shop windows, from the clothes people wear. Flower trends come and go but what really counts is how you style them who you are creating for.

7. Be a team player. You've got to be a good communicator and be able to relay your creative ideas to a team. There's no point taking on a 150-table centre job and thinking you can do it alone. Getting a good, hard working and friendly team behind you is the best way to exceed expectations and fulfill lots of requests on a weekly basis.

8. Looking the part when off to a 5 star hotel to meet a bride is tricky sometimes, especially if you've been knee-deep in soil doing a planting job or working since the crack of dawn, so I always keep a smart jacket and a nice lip gloss to hand. You must always be the face that fits and look smart - even at a moment's notice. Nobody wants to see dirty hands or muddy Hunters in a posh location. Be fresh-faced and smiley at all times.

9. Floristry is a hard career but has some incredible rewards. Just remember to keep on trying, help people out, never say no, nothing is too much, go above and beyond, be personable and creative, push the boundaries, be resourceful and most of all enjoy yourself! You will be dealing with nature up close every day so take time amongst the stress to remember that.

Thank you to Laura Kuy for giving us an insight into the world of flowers.

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