This is when men think you should move in together

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  • Compared to women

    Relationship milestones come in many forms.

    First, you’ve got the ‘chat’ where you decide to be mutually exclusive, then there’s the first person to refer to you as their girlfriend.

    After that? If we’re going to be really modern about it, you might even get Instagram official.

    Then, you’ve got the minefield of who says ‘I love you’ first.

    What follows after that is a series of back and forths when you stay at each other’s places which can cause friction. In fact, the reasons why your partner doesn’t want to sleepover may be more obvious than you think.

    So how do you solve it? You move in together. It makes sense. You save money and you get to see your partner more but when should you?

    According to a survey by dating site Inner Circle which polled 388 people in the UK, 44% of men think you should wait 12-18 months while 42% of women think you should move in together around the 6-12 months mark. 10% of men actually thought 0-6 months was fine while 10% of women would wait 18 months to two years.

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