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This is the real reason why your partner won’t stay over

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  • Does your other half refuse to spend the night with you? This could be why...

    It turns out that us Brits are a fussier bunch than most, particularly us girls in fact, with a whopping 86 per cent of us admitting that we have refused to stay over at our partner’s pads due to one or other of their (or their housemates) unsavoury habits.

    That’s according to a new study by blind retailer Web-Blinds anyway, who polled 2,847 Britons, all of whom were in a relationship but not yet living together. They asked them to reveal what had put them off staying over at their partner’s house. The number one factor, cited by an impressive 72 per cent of respondents, was the presence of unlikeable housemates or family members hanging around (ouch).


    stay over


    Second most-cited was an untidy or unhygienic bedroom – certainly not ideal for creating a romantic sleepover scenario. And in a surprising twist, 37 percent reported that their self-consciousness about their own sleeping habits was also a factor in putting them off. Odd smells and unfamiliar beds also came under fire as reasons not to stay over.

    And it’s not just women who are guilty –  42 per cent of men also admitted to avoiding sleepovers with their other halves.  And one fifth of all respondents confessed that tensions over sleeping arrangements had contributed to a breakup, with 13% confessing that they’d never slept at their current partner’s home, preferring to invite them to theirs instead.

    Here’s the full bedtime sin list:

    1.       Unlikeable housemates/family members (72%)
    2.       Untidy/unhygienic bedroom  (66%)
    3.       Annoying sleeping habits in partner e.g. snoring, restlessness, loud breathing (58%)
    4.       Odd smells in partner’s house (54%)
    5.       Anxiety about using the bathroom at someone else’s house  (48%)
    6.       Self-conscious about my sleeping habits (37%)
    7.       Partner’s home is in an undesirable area (24%)
    8.       Scared of/allergic to partner’s pets (17%)
    9.     Inability to sleep anywhere other than own bed (13%)
    10.    Disruptive outside noise  (11%)

    It turns out that as a nation, we’re actually pretty fussy about where we lay our heads. Now, surely it’s time for another nap…

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