What Blue Monday? 10 Easy Steps To Gaining Instant Happiness

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  • Let’s face it, we all have our fair share of bad days, when you just feel miserable and nothing seems to want to go right. So next time you are feeling a little down in the dumps, why not try Dr Lisa Turner’s 10 simple steps to regaining your happiness instantly.

    1. Get your mind and body connected.

    You can change your mind simply by changing your body. Stand up, look up to the ceiling (roll your eyes) and say in your mind, out loud ‘YES YES YES YES YES YES!’ You will see a noticeable effect on your mood.

    2. Look to the sky.

    Did you know that where your eyes are looking, in terms of rolling them up, down or side to side, determines how you are thinking? Up means pictures, down means feelings, so if you are feeling bad, simply look up to feel instantly better.

    3. It only takes a minute.

    Spend one minute in silence.

    4. Stop unhelpful internal chatter.

    Remember it is how not what you think that most effects your mood. Change that voice in your head that you use to give yourself a hard time – and change it to sound like daffy duck. Next time you are beating yourself up – all you need to do is ‘shut the DUCK up’.

    5. Count your blessings.

    Try keeping a gratitude diary daily, list the things that you are thankful for – you’ll be amazed how much you take for granted.

    6. Get a hobby.

    And make sure you do it regularly as it actually changes brain chemistry and releases serotonin and dopamine.

    7. Don’t get even, get mad.

    If you are depressed – get angry. It may not be 100 per cent positive, but has more energy. Depression is really just anger without the enthusiasm.

    8. Don’t be negative…

    Change your life’s ‘search terms’ so that you start filtering for happiness, not negativity.

    9. …Be positive

    Turn off negative input, turn ON positive input. Watch funny movies and TV shows, read uplifting or inspiring books, especially autobiographies and listen to up-beat music. There is nothing like belting out a few power ballads to lift your mood.

    10. Remember that everything will be ok.

    Recognise that all ‘problems’ have a solution, all you need to do is trust that, find it, and act on it when it shows up.

    Dr Lisa Turner is an expert in human transformation and evolution and is the founder of Psycademy, a company which offers a range of personal transformation products, services and training. It is her personal mission to assist people to become empowered, free and successful and to help them evolve.

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