This wedding duty is equivalent to having a full-time job

And it's NOT maid of honour

wedding role

And it's NOT maid of honour

So we already know that going to a wedding can be a pretty expensive experience, even if you're simply a guest.

But what about when you're a member of the wedding party? Things are without doubt even more expensive when you have an actual role on the big day, and brides are known for having pretty strict rules in place (for example, would you ever ask your bridesmaids to do THIS?)

It's really no wonder that this wedding trend is getting more and more popular because it saves everyone money.

In a survey of 1,194 UK adults, found that the amount of work that goes into the role of the best man is equivalent to having a full-time job. The groom's sidekick will spend an average of 38 hours carrying out their duties ahead of and on the big day.


The tasks that take up the most amount of time are planning the stag do (18 hours), attending suit fittings (6 hours) and preparing the all-important best man's speech (5 hours).

When you translate that into the national average wage, best men would earn over £300 if they were being paid to do the job.

Lee McCoy, Jacamo's Digital Manager, said: 'It's clear to see that being a best man is a full-time job in the run up to the big day, however such a huge proportion of men admitted it was fun and it would not deter them from doing it again.

'Whilst preparing the speech was time-consuming and most certainly [a task] that comes with a lot of pressure, it's great to see that over half of the best men surveyed admitted to feeling happy with the part they played on the big day.'

Aww. It may be stressful, but it seems like it pays off in the end.

Lucy Abbersteen
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