Is This The Most Aww-Inducing Wedding Photo Of All Actual Time?

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  • You've got to hand it to this flower girl - she sure knows how to style out a wedding photo...

    To be completely honest, if we were allowed to post this wedding photo on our site without any explanation, we would. Because a) there aren’t any words to express how cute it is. And b) we’re so busy laughing that it’s really very hard to type.

    The picture of four-year-old Anderson kissing the ring bearer, Ike, was taken at her mum’s wedding last Saturday in Knoxville by photographer Leah Bullard.

    ‘When momma kissed, Ikey and I kissed!! I was trying to get Ikey to kiss me…’ says Anderson of her famous first kiss.

    ‘I set up the entire wedding party for a formal shot as I do with every wedding, and then asked the bride and groom to kiss,’ Leah explains. ‘Since Anderson had been calling herself the bride the whole day, she assumed I was referring to her and went in for a kiss too. It was a memorable moment that had everyone in tears laughing.’

    ‘I said…”Okay, let’s try that again, one more time bride and groom kiss…” and she really went for it that time, and it was hilarious! I strive to capture the moment of the day, so for me to be able to capture that moment, that’s a moment that the families can look back on for years to come and laugh and relive it over again.’

    ‘It’s the perfect example as to why I love my job,’ she adds of the wedding photo. ‘Freezing moments in time such as this, so that families can relive a moment over and over for years to come.’

    Unfortunately, judging from the look on Ike’s face, that’s something he may not want to do just yet. (Best let his mum file it away in a photo album to bring out in 12 years time when his first girlfriend comes round for tea.)

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