Would you want someone to propose to you with a bracelet?

This A-lister is paving the way...

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This A-lister is paving the way...

Weddings may be divisive but they are undoubtedly a major rite of passage, all starting of course with the proposal and the selection of the right engagement ring.

The selection of a ‘rock’ is notoriously difficult, proving a constant source of debate.

The classic diamond or a different gem? Princess or emerald cut? New or vintage?

Yes, from clarity and cut to carat and price point, there’s a lot to consider.

Something only few consider however is no ring at all, with actress Kaya Scodelario explaining this year that her husband proposed to her with something else.


No he didn’t pull a Sex and the City move and propose with a Monolo Blahnik shoe like Big did for Carrie.

Instead, he proposed to her with a bracelet.

Yes, really. Benjamin, Kaya’s US actor partner popped the question with a ‘love bangle’ with the couple going on to marry in 2015, hyphenating their surnames to Scodelario-Davis.

'I never had any family heirlooms,' Kaya Scodelario explained in an interview with ELLE. 'Nothing that was ever passed down to me and so, when I met my husband and we were falling in love, he actually bought me a Cartier Love bracelet, for our first Christmas together.’

She continued: ‘He says that it was then that he realised that he actually wanted to buy me an engagement ring, so he sort of weirdly proposed with a Love bangle.'

Well, that’s lovely.

Jenny Proudfoot
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