Some men have just said the *stupidest* thing about birth control

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  • And people on Twitter have responded accordingly

    Remember how Republicans voted to make birth control more expensive? Yes. Amongst other outrageous Donald Trump quotes, the new healthcare reform could see Barack Obama’s signature healthcare bill overridden by Trumpcare.

    This would mean that essential health benefits like maternity care and newborn care, which was a previously mandatory part of all insurance plans, could now be decided by individual insurers. It would also defund Planned Parenthood.

    And, you’ll be infuriated to hear that the people making the laws affecting women’s health are all men.

    Despite the fact that these Republican policies are disproportionately different to the views of most Americans (with 74% of American voters saying they do not want to take away funding from the organisation Planned Parenthood that gives access to birth control, STI tests and cancer screenings), this health care bill is being voted on and hangs in the balance.

    Not having access to affordable birth control isn’t just a woman’s issue, though, it’s a human issue. It’s also a socio-political and economic issue that has implications for the world. And more than anything, it continues to highlight gender inequality.

    When voters were asked if women should be able to have sex for pleasure and not just to become a mother, 80% supported this statement. But, when male voters were asked whether they benefitted from the women in their lives having access to birth control, 54% said it had no effect on their wellbeing.

    Um, let’s think about that now, shall we?

    This majority vote highlights that contraception is still considered a woman’s issue when, news flash, biologically, women aren’t able to have babies without men – so birth control is a male issue, too.

    But don’t worry, Twitter appropriately responded to this percentage of men who disregard their part to play in reproductive rights…

    And, yet again, the sensible school the insane with sense and hard truths.

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