Apparently 88% of couples would no longer do this on their wedding day

What traditions would you upkeep?

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What traditions would you upkeep?

Although you might think most weddings are pretty textbook, it seems like actually wedding traditions are dying out and even wedding trends are going out of favour.

Instead, couples are choosing to re-write the rulebook and follow their own path.

A survey carried out by One4all with over 2,000 participants found that 88% of Brits would not stick to wedding traditions if they were to get married.

More than a third (36%) believe couples should create their own traditions according to their own personal tastes.

While almost 1 in 4 saw traditions as part of the fun of getting married while 27% said they are old fashioned and couples shouldn't have to stick to them.

And, apparently only 17% of brides still walk down the aisle to the traditional wedding march song and only 18% follow the 'something old, something new' tradition.

And 99% of Glasgow locals surveyed said they wouldn’t follow wedding traditions if they were to get married and 90% of those in Manchester and Edinburgh agreed.

How do you feel about wedding traditions?

Delphine Chui