'Thawing' is the latest dating trend - and it's all to do with your ex

Another word to add to your dating dictionary

Thawing dating trend
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From ghosting to fleabagging - dating is a complicated game, with more terms than we know what to do with. 

Last year, singletons had to add terms such as eclipsing and orbiting to their dating dictionary in a bid to figure out how their dates were treating them. So, if they baffled you, then welcome to a host of new terms.

In fact, the biggest trend Match.com have seen emerging this year is 'thawing'.

 As confused as us? 

According to the dating site, thawing is when we get back together with someone that we had previously frozen - aka dating someone we previously didn't think was right for us - due to timing or other issues.

The dating website has also predicted that this Sunday (8th January) will be the most popular date this month for singletons on dating apps - so brush up on those terms sharpish - while, if you want to stand out, here are some tips.


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Of course, if you buy into the thawing trend then be mindful. 

A Match.com spokesperson says: "Rekindling may take time, but with a dose of patience and leaving space for the other to rebuild dialogue, singles are hopeful it will lead to a date well worth the wait."

Other terms to look out for, according to the dating site this year are, consciously couponing - a take on Gwyneth's term, it's a way for you to find 'cheaper dates', especially with the cost of living bearing down on us. Cannonballing may also be a big term this year, referring to jumping into a relationship quickly. 

So we could be thawing out our exes, cannonballing into a relationship with them within months and then saving some dosh by consciously couponing with them. 

At the end of 2022, Tinder revealed daters' favourite emoji of the year and what singletons cared about last year. According to the dating app, the fastest-growing emoji globally is the parking symbol, with other popular emojis found on daters' bios including the heart and plaster, representing you're mending your broken heart.

Oh, and the red flag was making appearances too. 

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