Tindstagramming is the dating trend you definitely know about

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With so many dating trends out there these days, it's no wonder that anyone who has been in a relationship for years keeps (irritatingly) saying: 'Oh, I don't know how I'd ever get on with dating these days. It must be so hard.'

Yeah, thanks for that.

You've got the classic ghosting when someone you're seeing suddenly disappears into thin air, there's cushioning (lining up another partner before dumping the one you’ve got), sneating (dating someone for a free dinner) and orbiting (when the person who has ghosted you continues to be your biggest fan on social media).

And when it comes to dating apps, there are even more swiping-specific behaviours. Dogfishing, anyone?

Well, luckily the experts have coined another term for some seriously unusual dating etiquette - Tindstagramming.

You know, when someone you've swiped left on suddenly starts following you on Instagram and DM'ing you? Yeah, that.

Dating coach Samantha Burns told Women's Health: 'Tindstagramming is when someone whom you swiped left on on Tinder decides to stalk you on Instagram and slides into your DMs in an attempt to connect.

'They basically ignore the fact that you clearly aren’t interested in talking to them, since you didn't match on the dating app.'

She continued: 'It feels like a violation. You joined a dating app so you could find dates with whom you mutually match, and you likely did not sign up for Instagram to be bombarded by dudes, especially ones you already ruled out.'

Hear, hear.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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