The Definitive First Date Dos And Don’ts Revealed…

Well we say ‘definitive’, but at the end of the day it’s all just ‘different strokes for different folks’, right?

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Well we say ‘definitive’, but at the end of the day it’s all just ‘different strokes for different folks’, right?

Ah, the all too familiar situation of going on a first date, thinking you’ve been pretty damn smooth, yet never managing to secure that elusive date number two.

Where did it all go wrong? He didn’t seem to care when you got soup in your hair, and thought your stories about your dogs were hilarious. 

The dating experts at Zoosk have conducted a study to look into the biggest turn-ons and turn-offs that we do on first dates.

While we’re not sure that we totally agree with some, these may help you steer conversation in a way that has your date whatsapping you until your phone’s on 0%.


Talking about children: 41% of men want to know exactly what women’s views are on having children as early as possible, before they decide whether to proceed. Does this mean the second date will involve syncing up iPhone health data to see when you’re ovulating? While honesty and wanting similar things is great, this doesn’t leave much space for those who are undecided, may change their minds, or waiting to see where else life and career takes them. Also, is it really this relative stranger’s business?

Talk about jobs: 66% of men like to discuss and learn employment status during a first date. On the surface this seems like a reasonable point, but it does make us worry that 66% of men out there aren’t clued up enough to have a thorough stalk before the first date, including a full nose of your linkedin profile.

Be honest and upfront: Apparently 56% of guys want to know sensitive information at first contact, such as whether you’re going through a divorce, or have children. A first date isn’t a therapy session, and while obviously it’s a must to have total honesty as a relationship proceeds, do you really need to tell a guy buying you a couple of glasses of Pinot about the ins and outs of a difficult period in your life?


Talking about how many people you’ve slept with: Over half of men don’t want to know about how many people their date has had sex with, mainly because you’re not eighteen-year-olds bragging to mates in the changing rooms. So while it’s not the sexiest thing to start reeling off past partners on a first date, remember that if you do, and he also shares his magic number yet still judges you, then he’s a sexist idiot and you’re better off without.

Talk about money: Only 8% of men want to know how much you earn. That’s fair enough, money doesn’t always correlate to success, talent and ambition, plus no one wants to be on a date with Gordon Gecko.

Reveal your sexual kinks: Come on, we’re BRITISH. 68% would much rather like to find out that later on, and even if they do have similar kinks and fetishes to you, blurting yours out before you’ve even discussed views on Making a Murderer, will have even the most sexually confident running a mile.

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