This is the biggest sign that your partner will cheat

And it's to do with money

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And it's to do with money

We already know that this is the age people are most likely to cheat and that this is the worst form of cheating but why exactly are people more likely to cheat? What reasons lead people to betray their loved ones?

Well, apparently it's to do with how much you earn in your job compared to your partner. Relationship expert India Kang told The Daily Mail that it's all to do with your salary and also how you 'handle your finances.'

She told the paper: 'one partner earning more wouldn't necessarily cheat, providing their partner showed them respect, gratitude and appreciation. However, if one partner earns a lot and the other becomes "entitled" or takes their lover for granted or stops being appreciative, the partner is unlikely to stick around.'

Her point, ultimately, is that people need to really feel valued by their partner - and it's that horrible feeling that you're being taken for granted that could encourage some to stray.

She notes that, constant nagging and criticising can also be negative for a relationship and can lead to one partner cheating. And, remember, these are the three things you should never say to your partner in a fight. Because, words, as well as actions, can have long-term damage.

She also likens complaining within a relationship to complaining to your employer about how much you dislike your role but still expecting them to give you all the perks for having that full-time job.

Obviously, we're not condoning cheating under any circumstances - but this does make us think about how we should be treating each other in a relationship.

When you read celebrity quotes on cheating, you realise that it's a very vulnerable and hurtful situation to find yourself in. And, what happens after you have an affair can be extremely complicated. After all, could you forgive your partner for having an affair?

Delphine Chui