This is why you might look like your partner according to science

Bit weird, but okay...

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Bit weird, but okay...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Science throws up some curveballs when it comes to explaining why you're attracted to your other half. It claims that this is why we tend to fancy men with beards, and research has even gone so far as to show that women are drawn to men who look like their brothers.

And if you're utterly repulsed by that, prepare yourself - because science has once again put forward a rather unsavoury reason to explain why some couples actually look like each other.

Have you ever looked at a couple you know and realised that they appear to have morphed into each other? Or maybe someone has pointed out that you and your partner look strangely similar?

According to science, the reason could be because you're related (yes, really).

A study by PLOS Genetics examined why people are attracted to those who look pretty similar to themselves, and they surveyed couples' DNA to see if anything showed up.

Once all the data was collected, scientists discovered that the pairs all shared a significant amount of genetics, leading them to conclude that people subconsciously choose partners that share ancestors. Delightful.

But why does this happen? The likelihood is that in the past, people would have paired off with someone who came from the same area as them, and therefore would share a genetic history. Then these couples had children, and their children would have had children, meaning that although this will dilute the genes over a period of time if you go back far enough we will likely share lineage with our partner in some form or other.

Gross, but interesting. But mostly gross.

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