9 Reasons why we don’t need a boyfriend for winter

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  • We're busting the myth that it’s better to be in a relationship when the weather turns

    As much as we don’t want to accept it – winter is here. The temperature’s dropped, the long, dark nights are upon us and we’re forced to scroll through our summer pictures and wonder how we let all that time – and Vitamin D – slip through our fingers.

    This is the time of year when the phrase ‘boyfriend for winter’ starts to be thrown about, and when women often settle for the first available guy, as long as he is willing to be the big spoon. What? It’s cold out there.

    But, for all of the ladies out there preparing to take on the Christmas season solo, here are our top nine reasons why being single over autumn/winter is actually pretty great…

    With no partner to answer to, we can do whatever we want. Maybe we’ll go on loads of festive themed dates or start up a new (indoor-based) hobby? Ah, who are we kidding? We’re definitely going to stay at home, chain-drink mulled wine and learn every Eastenders character by full name.

    Reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    More money to spend on yourself…

    While our taken friends scrimp and save for the Christmas presents their boyfriends have been dropping hints about for six months, we’re happily rubbing our palms together, knowing that we have no one to splash out on but ourselves. Hello new wardrobe.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    Carpe diem, bitches!

    You can ditch the razor…
    Next time we go toiletries shopping, we are going to walk right on by the razor aisle. Because with little-to-no chance of anyone else seeing our legs, we are going to avoid all hair removal implements for the foreseeable future. Tights until February? Plan.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    Ariel gets it

    No more duvet wars
    It’s 3am, and the outdoor temperature is way below zero. Not that we’d know, of course, because we’re literally cocooned in a duvet that’s retaining approximately 100% of our body heat. With no annoying boyfriend hogging the covers, chilly nights are a thing of the past.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    Because sharing food isn’t fun

    The remote control is all ours
    We all know that once the leaves start to fall from the trees, TV gets good. And we mean good. Strictly, X Factor, Downton, the list is endless. Unfortunately, our exes seemed to prefer re-runs of Top Gear to our reality TV faves. But now, they’re out of the picture, making just enough room for Simon Cowell, Lord Grantham and Anton Du Beke.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend

    Fat Amy is our hero

    We can be gym (snow) bunnies
    You know what they say – ‘summer bodies are made in winter.’ So this festive season, we’re going to make the most of our free time after work and actually go to the gym. We might not have our perfect physique by spring, but at least we’ll have cancelled out all of the biscuits we’re eating as winter fuel.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    Retro Kim also gets it

    The office romance
    With no duty to be faithful, we’re already laying the foundations of our flirty work relationships. By the Christmas office party, with the help of a few Baileys and a little bit of mistletoe, those poor, unsuspecting colleagues will be ours.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend

    Sometimes it’s just not worth it

    Bye bye arguments
    Those ‘who’s going to put a coat on and go to the shop for chocolate?’ disputes are nothing but a distant memory when you’re a singleton at this time of year. Sadly, you will be the one having to go and get your own rainy Sunday afternoon snacks, but at least you’ll save the half an hour argument you and your boyfriend would have had.

    reasons we don't need a boyfriend for winter

    Who needs a boyfriend when you have burgers?

    Quality time with your nearest and dearest
    And above all, we’re looking forward to spending the next few months doing fun, festive things with our family and friends. In our minds, we’re picturing relaxing walks, pub lunches and mulled wine; in reality our plans will probably involve a Chinese takeaway. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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