Apparently this is the one thing you should never do on a first date

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First dates can be tricky business. Whether you're looking for true love or someone to take home, the whole thing can be a bit awkward. Especially if you decide to go for dinner with someone you barely even know. Cinema, pub, mini golf - fine. But sitting opposite a stranger for an hour and a half with no other distractions? Daunting.

But the good news is a survey by online furniture retailer Furniture Choice found that there are several things that might hinder your chances of a second date if you decide to go for dinner. Yay.

The study asked 2,002 Brits to explain what they found most off-putting when wining and dining a potential partner - and can you guess what came out as the biggest no-no?

Talking with your mouth full got a whopping 69% of participants shaking their heads.

Eating with your mouth open got 66% of the vote and texting at the table also irked 58%, while video calling during dinner didn't go down to well with 57% (question: do people actually do this? Who would you even be FaceTiming when you're on a date? Does anyone use video call for anything other than talking to your pet while you're on holiday?)

Anyway, the top ten 'most offensive dining habits' also include taking a phone call at the table/talking loudly (54%), using social media at the table (53%), uploading a picture of your food to social media (44%), taking food from the other person's plate (41%) and taking pictures of your dinner (40%).

Also, one rogue but slightly concerning habit was licking your knife, which irks 45% of us - likely because no one wants to end up in A&E on a first date because their Tinder match ended up accidentally slicing their tongue open.

Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, Rebecca Snowden says: 'When on a first date, it's important to make a good first impression but also to be yourself.. It's evident from our research that daters are attracted to and are therefore more likely to see people again if they engage with them and don’t let their phones take their attention during the date.

'While dining etiquette has evolved over time and has become a little more relaxed, particularly in more casual settings, daters should be mindful they’re carrying good table manners as to not put off any potential suitors from dining with them again.'

It's completely up you if you decide to hold back on taking food pictures/talking to your nan on Facetime/chewing your food with your mouth wide open.

But you could also, you know, just do whatever you want.

Your call.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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