How often do the majority of men say they give oral sex?

True for you?

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True for you?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

When it comes to keeping things interesting in the bedroom, there are plenty of different things you and your partner could try. From BDSM for beginners, to these incredible Kamasutra positions that focus on your pleasure, there's so much out there if you want to spice things up.

You could even try astral sex if you want to forget a physical romp and opt for spiritual one instead.

However, if you stripped it all back and returned to the basics of a good fumble, few women would turn their nose up at receiving oral sex. But does the orgasm inequality between the sexes creep in when it comes to your partner going down on you?

According to a survey by The Daily Star, this is how often the majority of men say they head downtown to pleasure their girlfriends.

The paper asked 2,500 male readers to admit how frequently they give oral sex and 40% claim they engage in a bit of tongue play every time they have sex.


Of those surveyed, 27% said they go down on their girlfriends 'most' of the time, and 21% said they only do it on occasion.

And rather depressingly, 12% of the men asked said that they NEVER give oral. Sad. For those women, take a look at our expert-approved list of the best sex toys. We promise, they simulate oral sex very well.

Cunnilingus has been scientifically proven to improve a woman's mental and physical wellbeing, and is often the easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm. Plus, it can actually be really good for the giver's health too.

See? Benefits all round.

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