Almost half of women admit their partners have refused period sex

Because apparently functioning female anatomy is 'kind of gross'

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Because apparently functioning female anatomy is 'kind of gross'

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Considering that the average woman spends the equivalent of ten years of her life menstruating, period sex is going to happen sometimes. And it's a completely normal and natural thing. Although it's one of the lesser talked about sex topics, there's nothing wrong with wanting to give these Kamasutra positions a go and being on your period at the same time. It's not a dirty secret, and if you're yet to try it for yourself here's the proof that period sex is actually great.

So why have so many men - and women - admitted to putting off sex during that time of the month?

A study by The Flex Company, the minds behind the tampon alternative that you can actually wear during intercourse, found that 45% of women have had a sexual partner that has turned down a hook-up because they were on their period. This is despite the fact that 30% of us want to have more period sex (because these people clearly know what's good for them).

However, the stats also show that women are twice as likely as men to turn down sex if they are on their period. But considering that this applies only to ladies who are having sex with someone new, it suggests that couples are more likely to embark on a period sex session when they are in a long-term relationship - meaning that for a lot of people, it's less about the fact that periods equal no sex drive and more about feeling comfortable enough to get down to it while bleeding.

Depressingly, the study also found that 45% of participants would say that period sex is 'gross' or 'kind of gross', with the biggest issue being 'mess and clean up'. Erm, FYI - you could literally describe period-free sex the exact same way. Just saying.

So if you've ever avoided jumping into bed with someone because you were worried or embarrassed about being on your period, don't be - because did we mention how great it can be?

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