Having period sex can ease the symptoms of cramps

Plus a whole host of other benefits

period sex
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Plus a whole host of other benefits

Despite the fact that pretty much every woman has to deal with having a period, the subject is still somewhat of a taboo in the bedroom, and there are still a number of misconceptions about period sex.

What many couples don't realise is that having sex during your period can actually be a great experience, and something that can bring enjoyment to both partners - as opposed to leaving one feeling self conscious.

Don't believe us? We spoke to Anna Druet, a researcher and Science and Education Lead at female health app Clue, about the benefits. And to prove our point even more, we spoke to writer Stina Sanders, who is a great advocate for having sex on your period.

'The thought of period sex used to make my stomach churn,' says Stina. 'My repulsion came to an end when my period started whilst doing doggy with my boyfriend. Surprisingly it wasn’t as disgusting as I had initially thought.'

Period sex doesn't have to be messy

'How period sex is approached is unique to each couple,' explains Anna. 'Some might prefer to have shower sex whilst menstruating to make it less messy. Some people wear a tampon up until intercourse, and then use lubrication. Some couples might prefer to lay a towel on top of their bedding, while others might enjoy getting a bit messy.'

What matters is both you and your partner are happy, relaxed and comfortable. 'So long as both partners are comfortable with the situation, there is no reason to avoid having sex while menstruating,' Says Anna.

For Stina, she loves having sex on her period because of the intimacy it brings with her partner. 'For me, period sex is intense and very intimate. It feels much better than normal sex, I guess that’s because everything is extra sensitive down there.'

'As well as the sensation, period sex makes me feel empowered. There is a stigma around menstruation, that it’s dirty and gross, but it honestly isn’t. It’s just a natural process that happens once a month, and I salute any woman (or man) who openly talks about embracing it,' says Stina.

What are the benefits of period sex?

Anyone who's had to endure a period knows of the pain that comes with them, especially if you suffer from menstrual cramps.

The good news is 'the endorphins released by orgasms may help relieve menstrual cramps (and stress) for some people,' says Anna.

Other studies have found that period sex can lead to stronger orgasms, an increased sense of arousal and have a positive impact on your mood swings and low energy. So there are lots of perks!

'Period sex also makes for the most naturally lubricated sex of all,' says Anna. So 'mensuration can be an especially time to try something like shower sex, as you're less likely to have to re-apply lube, which can wash away quickly in the shower.'

Of course, having sex on your period is entirely your choice, as is how you choose to go about doing it.