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Lesbian sex tips for straight women could be the key to better sex

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  • Think you know how to spice things up in the bedroom? Think again. From introducing toys to talking more, Kate Davies shares her handy hints on how to make sex fun again

    Talk about it

    In my experience, one of the biggest differences between having sex with a woman and a man is that women tend to be more communicative during sex. Talk about what you like, give feedback during sex and make sure your pleasure is as much of a priority as his.

    Show them the way

    If you don’t usually come, try stimulating your own clit during penetrative sex, or getting your partner to watch you masturbate so they can see which bit you like stimulated and the amount of pressure that works for you.

    Use your hands

    First things first: make sure whoever is doing the fingering has short fingernails. Get them to start with one finger and work their way up. Some people are happy with just a little finger, others want a whole fist inside them. Once they’re inside you, get them to make a ‘come here’ motion, curling their fingers and pulling them forwards and straightening them out again, so that they stimulate your G-spot (the rough-feeling area of skin between the cervix and the opening of the vagina, on the front of the vaginal wall).

    Take it in turns to come

    It’s not realistic to expect two people to come simultaneously from the same kind of sex. Take a leaf out of the lesbian sex book and take it in turns to have an orgasm. Maybe you like to be fingered. Maybe he comes best from a blow job. It all counts.


    Use a latex glove and lube when you’re having sex with your hands. You can buy some fetching ones from online sex shops and you might as well check out the best sex toys while you’re at it, too. Sex should be fun, so try playing with toys.

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