This is the part of your vagina you didn't know existed

Time to talk about the internal clitoris

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Time to talk about the internal clitoris

Although women have existed since the dawn of time, it seems that we are still somehow getting to know our own anatomy. (Ahem, thanks for that female oppression and gender inequality.)

When science isn't trying to figure out why female orgasms feel so good or why it's impossible for some women to orgasm during sex, it seems to like uncovering new things about the vagina with questions like does the g-spot really exist?

While it's pretty well-known that the good old clitoris is the almighty little door to orgasming, how much do you know about the internal clitoris?

'The what?!', we hear you ask... Let us explain. During a discussion at the Future of Sex live panel, sex experts revealed that the internal clitoris is a lot bigger than we originally thought (if we're being honest, we didn't realise it was internal, at all).

Considering that you may have assumed your clitoris was pretty small and only exterior, recent MRAs and sonograms have shown that it's actually a much deeper and bigger structure than first thought.

Containing over 8,000 nerve endings, the entire thing is apparently around 0.5 to 2cm in length which *breaking news,* means that all of those orgasms are actually clitoral orgasms if we're talking technically (even the g-spot is just off the root of it).

Well, there you go.

This comes after we recently learnt about how the supposed sex afterglow can last for up to two days and how Brits are actually enjoying and practising sex around the nation, according to the Great British sex survey.

How very educational.

Delphine Chui