10 Times Cameron Diaz Was Spot-On About Love, Sex And Men

Cameron Diaz is unapologetic about her love of men, sex and all things naughty. In short, she’s a girl after our own heart.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
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Cameron Diaz is unapologetic about her love of men, sex and all things naughty. In short, she’s a girl after our own heart.

Here are some of our favourite candid quotes from the lovely Cameron Diaz...

'For some reason, we get into relationships and we expect one man to understand all the parts of us and meet all of those needs. I think that’s where everything fails.'

'There are many soul mates. My soul has a lot of different facets and it needs a lot of different men. Friends, too. Friends can be soul mates.'

'You can’t waste your time and energy dwelling on what happened or what could’ve been or what might’ve been. Relationships come, relationships go, or they stay or evolve, but we stay alive.'

'Every animal has that instinct. It is because we are meant to procreate and that’s part of procreation, making ourselves attractive to another person. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.'

'Sexuality and love can be different things. I can be attracted to a woman sexually, but it doesn't mean I want to be in love with a woman. If I'm going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. We put these restraints and definitions on people, but it's hard to define.'

'I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, "Throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman." I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It’s not optional.'

'You have to find someone in the same place as you are. Timing is everything. If you get into a relationship where you want something the guy doesn't want, it's never gonna work. You’re never going to get him to be in that place. No matter how old you are, finding the guy who’s in the same place as you are and wants to show up is the only way a relationship works, period.'

'A lot of people chase after it because they've been told, "This equals happiness." They chase it, they get it, and they find out, "Why did I think this was going to make me happy? I'm miserable!" I don't know if anyone is really naturally monogamous. We all have the same instincts as animals. But we live in a society where it's been ingrained in us to do these things.'

'I can't even count how many times I've gotten on a plane for love. It's not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it. I'm always traveling for cock. You've got to go where it is.'

'I'm not looking for a husband or marriage or not looking for that stuff. I'm living, not thinking what I should or shouldn't be doing with my life.' Our exclusive interview with Cameron Diaz is in the January issue of Marie Claire, out now.

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