Dating A Foot Fetishist: What’s It Really Like?

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  • Jess Champion, 28, a writer from London, says dating someone with a foot fetish is not as odd as you might think….

    ‘The exact moment I realised my boyfriend was a foot fetishist is hard to pinpoint. He’d always complimented my shoes and often grabbed my feet during foreplay to massage them. Then one evening, while we were getting down to it on the sofa, I playfully stroked his crotch with my foot. It didn’t take a genius to realise he liked it. Later, I asked him if he had a thing for feet and he confessed that actually, he did. He attributed it to a time we were play-fighting and apparently I’d stuck my foot in his face and it really did it for him. So it was actually me who’d made him realise he had a foot fetish in the first place.’

    ‘When I asked him about it he said, ‘I like the shape, the fact they are sensitive and intimate. I just find feet very womanly and erotic, plus yours are prettier than most.’ I initially found it odd and Googled what it might all mean. But having your feet stroked and adored actually feels rather good so it turned me on too. Yes, sometimes I feel like an acrobat when he tries to nibble my toes during sex, and I spend loads on pedicures, but it works for both of us.’

    ‘Personally, I don’t think feet are particularly sexy, but sharing fantasies is intimate, it shows trust and that’s pretty sexy. The reality of dating a foot fetishist doesn’t feel nearly as weird as the idea of it. It’s not like he ogles women’s feet in the street or lurks under tables sniffing shoes. Mostly it manifests in me wearing high heels in bed, the odd foot job (like a hand job, but with feet!) and me sending him pictures of my feet in incredible heels to get him in the mood – which incidentally, I much prefer to sending topless pictures…’

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