More than 80% of Brits would dump their partner for doing this on a date

Bit harsh, but okay


Bit harsh, but okay

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Dating in this day and age can be exhausting - if you've not been a victim of ghosting, you've managed to dodge the zombieing trend and your most recent lover hasn't been cushioning you then you've already been more successful than most.

But if you never got a call back from a date you thought went really well, you can rest assured that it's not because you don't have a sparkling personality or wit in abundance - what's actually holding us back could be our table manners, or lack thereof.

According to research by and Scs, 81% say that terrible manners warrant a dumping. Even more - 87% - deem good etiquette as the most important thing in their potential parter and would cut their losses if they didn't have them.

So what counts as 'bad etiquette'? Using your mobile phone at the table, talking with a mouth full of food and chewing really loudly, apparently. It also suggests that Brits really don't dig chatting about sex and politics over dinner, or helping yourself to food from their plate.

Dating expert Vicki Burtt says: 'The way you behave on a date sets the tone for your relationship so start as you mean to go on.

'There's nothing more attractive than a date who is fully present, kind, respectful and polite, so bring your best self and you can't go wrong.'

Or you could just do whatever you want. If you fancy doing all of the above and your date also texts, chomps and spills their most outrageous sex stories then they're probably your lobster.

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