Apparently men are less likely to wear a condom for this one reason

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  • And we're slightly alarmed...

    A recent study has revealed that the more attractive a man finds his partner, the less likely he is to wear a condom during sex.

    Yes, we’re deadly serious – our looks could genuinely impact a man’s decision to don a Durex – and we’re all a bit confused.

    Not meaning to state the obvious but there are plenty of good reasons to wear protection: birth control, STD prevention and just general hygiene. A person’s physical attractiveness however shouldn’t really come into it…at all.

    The survey was carried out at both Southampton and Bristol universities featuring 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 69. The participants were given images of 20 different women and asked to rate their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 100. Not objectifying them at all, then…

    The men were asked a series of questions about each woman photographed – everything from if they wanted to have sex with the said woman and the chances of them using a condom with her, to the odds (in their opinion) of her having an STD.

    The results were pretty surprising with men being much less likely to wear a condom if they found their sexual partner attractive. Even the risk of catching an STD didn’t scare them into using protection – the men still opting for unprotected sex every time.

    Of course the results of this study doesn’t apply to all men and it is

    important to note that the survey was actually very small so should

    therefore be taken lightly – it has definitely shed some much-needed

    light on the subject.

    How on earth does this strange logic work? Well, the study’s co-author Roger Ingham has put forward two potential reasons. The first being that ‘men want to reproduce with women they find to be more attractive’, suggesting that it’s almost a subconscious caveman instinct. The other explanation is a lot more socially constructed, stemming from the age-old belief that powerful and successful men sleep with the most attractive women, explaining why they are open to taking ‘more risk to acquire status’.

    With all due respect those are the worst reasons we’ve ever heard to justify having unprotected sex.

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