These are the 10 things your other half hates about you

Oh, charming.


Oh, charming.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The first few months of a new relationship are usually a bubble of butterflies and bliss. You and your partner lay awake for hours talking about anything and everything, your WhatsApp thread doesn't go longer than thirty minutes without pinging, and you have sex every time you see each other.

And then that weird phenomenon known as the 'honeymoon period' starts to dull and the soft haze you've been living in starts to fade. You never noticed just how loudly your partner chomps when they eat. They sigh loudly every time you heavy-handedly shut the fridge door. You both roll your eyes when the other starts making plans you know they're never going to see through.

According to a survey by, by the six month mark our irritating habits are well and truly out there and the cracks start to show.

But are the habits that annoy women different to the habits that annoy men? It would seem so, as the survey has collated the top ten pet hates of the sexes - and they may surprise you.

Where women tend to get irked by smoking and forgetting plans, men are more likely to be pissed off by women who spend too much time on their phone or take ages getting ready.

The researchers asked 846 women and 827 men to list the things that they find the most off putting in a relationship, and this is what they found:

Habits women find the most off putting in a relationship:

  1. Smoking - 26%
  2. Forgetting/Cancelling plans - 19%
  3. Betting - 14%
  4. Drinking too much - 11%
  5. Obsessing over sport - 8%
  6. Selective hearing - 6%
  7. Leaving the toilet seat up - 5%
  8. Bad driving - 3%
  9. Flatulence - 2%
  10. Taking ages on the toilet - 1%

Habits men find the most off putting in a relationship:

  1. Spending too much time on their phones - 17%
  2. Spending ages getting ready - 15%
  3. Smoking - 14%
  4. Drinking too much - 11%
  5. Gossiping about their friends and family - 10%
  6. Obsessing over their looks - 8%
  7. Spending too much money shopping - 6%
  8. Taking too many photos - 5%
  9. Taking up too much wardrobe space - 4%
  10. Swearing - 2%

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