5 reasons why we're (probably) still looking for love online

Promotional feature with eHarmony

Promotional feature with eHarmony

Don't wait for fate...

When it comes to finding a potential relationship online, we singles are a hardened lot. From playing dating app bingo (which one actually works?), to encountering that all too familiar 'Greg and I have this really cute single friend you just HAVE to meet' (yawn), the search for a mate in the modern world has become a tricksy thing.

So, it's time to step away from the swipe. Relationship site eharmony is here to help you get ahead in the game, using a unique scientific matching system to ensure that you are paired with potential partners based on key characteristics and compatibility. Using an in-depth questionnaire, eharmony works out all those wonderful 'isms' that make us individual (yes, even that closet obsession with Tudor romance novels), and finds someone that'll love us as a person, not a profile.

Not convinced? Ask yourself why you are still looking for love online, then let eharmony show you the way...

I'm too busy... Ah, that old chestnut. Between nailing life 24/7 (gym, children, work, generally being amazing) 'finding the time' to meet someone special is a struggle, which is why eharmony are on hand to do most of the legwork. Once you've filled in your questionnaire, a search is conducted across millions of singles based on 18 Key Dimensions that are crucial for relationship success. Then hey presto, a lovely batch of potential matches is delivered to your inbox daily to peruse as and when you wish. Yes, even during your lunch break. Happy days.

I'm too picky... Stop that, right now. Now, we appreciate that if you've had a run of bad dates (it happens), internet-weary singletons can sometimes feel like they are setting the bar too high. Not true. Only you know what makes you happy, and that is SO important when looking for a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship. If you are honest with yourself about what you want, then eharmony will find matches with a similar line of thinking. Don't ever settle for second best, you gorgeous thing!

I've lost my confidence... Looking for love online is a double-edged sword for a lot of singles. If you're newly out of a relationship, it can be a way of easing you back into the dating game. For others, it's the simple fact they might not feel comfortable meeting people the 'old-fashioned way', i.e. in a pub/nightclub. Using a relationship site like eharmony can help rebuild that confidence as you can take things at your own pace and be assured the scientific formula is introducing you only to people you will be compatible with. Great relationships are built with trust and over time. So breathe, and take things as they come.

I'm not everyone's 'usual' type... Define 'usual'. Never judge yourself based on the profiles you see. It's the unique things we're into that make us amazing, and trust us – there is someone out there that'll adore your Jaffa Cake addiction.

I'm a believer... *fist pump* Yes, you are! And never let go of that. Since launching in 2008, eharmony has made millions of matches that have led to relationships, marriages and yes, even babies. So don't wait for fate. Shake off that last date disaster Carrie Bradshaw-style, and let the experts take the lead.