Things you only know if you had ridiculously chilled parents

Sure, get it pierced, why not?

Cool Parents
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Sure, get it pierced, why not?

Growing up with super relaxed parents was mostly awesome; it made you more independent and probably meant you had a pretty open and honest relationship with them. But it also probably means a lot of outfits, piercings and hair cuts that you seriously regret.

Everyone stayed at your house When you've got no curfew because your parents 'trust' you, and free access to alcohol (so you can learn to make good choices) everyone wants to sleep over at your house. You'd become particularly popular around the times of big parties that your friends wouldn't otherwise be allowed to go to. All they'd all claim to be staying at your house whilst you got the bus into town and downed Barcardi Breezers. Other people's parents seemed insane But staying at other people's houses seemed like an overnight trip to prison compared to your house. Instead of cheerfully letting you get on with whatever you wanted to do, your friends had to deal with curfews, questions about where you were going, no access to booze. Nightmare.

Sleepovers It wasn't just your girlfriends who were allowed to stay over either. Some of your friends had to keep the door open when they had boys in their rooms, or weren't even allowed boys upstairs. But your parents? Didn't blink an eye. As a result it basically didn't occur to you to get down and dirty in your bedroom. With your family downstairs? Ew.

Piercings 'My mum's going to go mental' wasn't a sentence you ever had to say. In fact your mum probably took you to the piercer's to make sure it was legit. If you were really lucky she even paid for it. Chances are you outgrew your piercings before very long and just ended up with a lot of holes in your ears that you don't use any more.

Coloured hair Your hair might just about have recovered from everything you put it through as a teenager, but it will have taken a while. With no-one shouting at you for ruining towels or looking like Wednesday Adams, you could dye it blue, black, ginger or bleach blonde. If you were honest you probably knew it looked better in a vaguely natural colour.

Wore insane outfits Most of your childhood photos probably feature you wearing striped tights under a tutu with a hoodie on top and possibly roller skates for shoes. Y'know. Because you were supposed to make your own decisions and no-one was ever going to tell you that you couldn't go out 'dressed like that.' There really wasn't much point in rebelling. By the time you were in your late teens you'd realised that there really wasn't any point in trying to rebel. What ever you decided to do, your parents had probably done it before and refused to be shocked by you. Which could be frustrating. You didn't really envy your friends who had to be home by 9.30 or risk a month long grounding, but just occasionally it would have been nice to have a reason to slam a door and complain about your life being unfair.

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